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Working on a diabetes project?

Discussion in 'Books, Videos, Movies, and other Projects' started by Jeff, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. Jeff

    Jeff Founder, CWD

    Jun 1, 1995
    I'm often contacted by people writing books about diabetes or preparing presentations about diabetes who are seeking help, either with content or in reaching others. I created this new forum specifically for people to post information about those kinds of projects.

    So if you're writing a book and are looking for help, you can post a note here.
  2. Ali

    Ali Approved members

    Aug 1, 2006
    I just focused on the fact that your daughter has been a type one for 17 years! And since the age of two! How is she doing? I have been type one for 36 years but diagnosed in my teens so a very diffenet physical (in terms pof growth and hormones) time period and I assume a different medical approach-I am from the days of no BG testing. no A1c and no MDI routines for the first seven years but still you have seen many changes in the care of type ones and your daughter has clearly gone through alot. If it helps, even I from the dark ages gave birth to two full term healthy normal delivery kids ( and adopted one) and have friends who have had type one for forty years who had four healthy kids. It is stressfull so give yourself and your daughter and everyone else in your family a hug. Ali
  3. findthecure

    findthecure Approved members

    Oct 12, 2008
    Hi I am 15 years old and working on making a diabetes video to raise awareness. I would love to have more people involved by sharing video clips, audio clips, and/or pictures and stories anything you can contribute would be greatly appreciated! I do not have diabetess but I am very interested in Diabetes and the fight to find a cure. I am participating in a walk and hope to get even more involved if any of you would like to share anything with me even the smallest contribution of just sharing your story because hearing from personal experiences would widen my knowledge on the subject. Thanks so much for your time and support.

    Shannon Braender

  4. shpinky00

    shpinky00 New Member

    Apr 12, 2010
    Research for Diabetes


    I am currently a graduate student, seeking to create an interface/community for patients with diabetes. I am surveying the current online communities, and how this interaction goes about.. and how it could be improved and other possibilities that could rise from current environments. Your feedback would be very helpful.

    The link to my quick survey is: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Q98KNG8

    Also, if you have other feedback or comments you would like to leave me, that would be awesome. Thank you! :)
  5. mohenpek

    mohenpek New Member

    Jul 26, 2010
    Book for Children Needs Out of the Box Art Work

    When my daughter was first diagnosed we used the book Taking Diabetes to School to help her explain things. As she got older we thought there was a big void in available materials. I wrote a book for kids from about ages 8 to 13. It doesn't tell them how to live with diabetes. It explains they whys behind things so they can make good choices. It uses friendly analogies like comparing a glucose meter to a thermometer and insulin to a tour guide in a museum. I want it to be in every pediatric endocrinologist's office so that kids and their parents can make the best use of their office time and ask good questions. I want it to be in school nurse's offices. The ADA will consider it as a take away from camp but it needs pictures. I want pictures that have nothing to do with diabetes (like a dinosaur skeleton, a tired looking car, and a married couple going on a honeymoon) so that kids will have their curiosity raised by the pictures and want to read to figure out why that picture is in a book about diabetes. I can't pay big bucks and did not write this book to make money but to make life easier for kids living with diabetes and the people that love and take care of them. The books message is that diabetes doesn't make them different. I am looking for an artist who shares my conviction to collaborate on this to make it a real book that will benefit others rather than just a personal dream. I am hopoing that within the CDW community I will find the talent and desire I am seeking.
  6. Ronin1966

    Ronin1966 Approved members

    Feb 18, 2010
    Hello mohenpek:

    I can't even draw stick figures... but, I'll help keep the thread active, hopefully somone with actual drawing/cartoon skills will chime in?! Good luck...
  7. cberetas

    cberetas New Member

    Feb 2, 2011
    Diabetes Society

    Hello, my name is Christos i am 28 years old current graduate student (M.S) with major Technology Management. I have develop one internationaly open diabetes society by name "open diabetes society" to inform evryone in the world about diabetes. I have a diabetes type 1 almost 12 years a go. I have been try to find the cure as by the side of the techology, i have designed an exterior artificial pancreas which my project will be publish it at "Journal of Diabetes science and technology" in March 2011 (http://www.journalofdst.org). Also, i am the developer of Diabetes Management which is the unique software application in the world which is able to guess the HbA1c without any blood sample. As a diabetic i want to make people lives better, i understand what diabetes means and how affect some personal activities including the complications. Below i will write the links for the open diabetes society and for the diabetes management.

    personal web site: http://www.christosberetas.dom.gr


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