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Why Do Some Type 1's Live Very Long Without Complications?

Discussion in 'Adults with Type 1' started by Richard157, May 9, 2009.

  1. Richard157

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    Jul 19, 2007
    On April 7, 2009, I joined a chat with Gary Scheiner on diabetestalkfest.com. Gary is the author of the book "Think Like A Pancreas" and other wonderful books on diabetes and self management. During that chat I asked Gary if he knew any people who have had diabetes for more than 60 years without any complications. This was a moderated chat and the questions were sent to Gary in the order they were asked. The time was running out and I thought my question would not be answered. Then, Gary went overtime and answered my question just before he signed off. His exact reply was:

    "Richard - In fact, I do. A 68-year diabetic woman. Research is showing
    that there is a genetic sequence that protects some people against
    microvascular and neural complications."

    That quote might not mean as much to some of you as it does me. It still gives me chills sometimes when I read it. It meant so much to me! I hope it means a lot to some of YOU readers too. It strengthens my determination to keep up my program of self management and makes me think I can reach the record set by William Rounds. William has been Type 1 for 85 years and is alive and well.

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