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whats going to happen to me? the future

Discussion in 'UK' started by cunners45, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. cunners45

    cunners45 Approved members

    Nov 12, 2007
    hello people with diabites
    im 15 years old and have had diabites since i was in year 4 at school so aprox 7 years. ive also got chrones disease (search it on google long explaination) and ive ha that for almost 3 years. yes life is unfair bt my very smart mum always says "theres always someone worse off than you". i am extermely worried about the future. and those "sweet" old ladys dont help going on about how their uncle albert had stoke went blind and lost a foot to diabites. very reasuring . anyways im thiking about this and starting to worry. i looked up sme other things on the internet and found some othre stuff out 2 that can happen with years of poorly contolled diabites!
    worried and confused !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dose anyone else feel the same!?!?!?!?(or has kids who feel the same?)
  2. Pavlos

    Pavlos Approved members

    Nov 28, 2007
    Hi there, and greetings from Greece!

    My 8-yo old daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 a few days ago. I was in complete panic, so I did a crash course to educate myself and see what is in store for her. And there is a lot of good news :cwds:

    • First of all, the chances of a cure are very likely: many bright scientists all over the world are working on many fronts to find a solution. I bet that a cure will be found within very few years.
    • Concerning "Uncle Albert" who went blind and was amputated: The poor bloke lived at a time when people only occaionally measured their blood glucose by urine tests (blood glucose kits have not been around for many years!!!) so he never knew what his precise levels were, to finetune his insulin! Also he used old crude types of insulin, which were extracted from cows - he had disinfect his massive needles by boiling them before each injection! The old fart also probably followed a lousy diet, smoked like there was no tomorrow and drank heavily! :eek: He lived in the stone ages of diabetes , you live in modern times!
    • If you follow a healthy diet (which is a rule for everyone, not just people with D), exercise reasonably, keep up to date by following sites such as this and JDRF, control your blood glucose well and avoid bad habits such there is no reason you should not lead a healthy life, whether a cure is found or not (and I bet a cure will be found!)

    All the best my friend, take care of yourself and you will be strong and healthy until the blessed day that diabetes is cured arrives :D
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2007
  3. Lauren :)

    Lauren :) Approved members

    Jan 15, 2008
    hey my name's Lauren nd i've had diabetes for 10 years. im 15 now and if it's any consolation i haven't gone blind, had a stroke or lost a foot yet :D honestly, i wouldn't worry about it, as long as you got sum control (and im not sayin perfect) you'll be fine or at least that's wat i've always been told

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