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What would you do with this basal test?

Discussion in 'Parents of Children with Type 1' started by Abbysmom, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. Abbysmom

    Abbysmom Approved members

    Jan 4, 2010
    Test 1

    12 am basal .15
    4am basal .125
    9am basal .2

    last bolus a small correction just before 11pm

    2 am 233
    3 am 248
    4am 223
    5 am 268
    6 am 258
    7 am 201
    8 am 170
    9 am 178
    10 am 180
    11am 182
    12 pm 245
    1 pm 238

    I decided to ad a basal of .25 at 10:30am to attack the spike at noon. I have seen her spike her before and was not suprised. This morning she got into food at 11am so I do not know if it worked yet. but my problem is actuall the dip from 6am to 8am.

    I changed the 4am basal from .125 to .1 and then tonight she dipped from 4am to 6am and then rose from 6am to 8am.

    I'm not sure what to try next or maybe I should wait and see if she follows the same tonight?

    If you don't mind telling me what you would do I would appreciate some input.

    Abbys is 3, 33 lbs, and we use novolog. TDD 12.

    Thank You

    Test 2

    last bolus a small correction at 9pm

    12 am basal .15
    4am basal .1
    9am basal .2
    10:30am basal .25 (we didn't get to this far today)

    2am 223
    3am 218
    4am 215
    5am 201
    6am 156
    7am 178
    8am 233
    9am 198
    10am 189

    Abby got into the dried fruit so I need to repeat test to get the 11-1pm numbers.
  2. zatff

    zatff Approved members

    Jun 15, 2009
    I would share it with my CDE and endo and follow their recommendations. They will probably recommend small increase across the board and ask for more data again to make further adjustments.
  3. Nancy in VA

    Nancy in VA Approved members

    Jul 16, 2007
    Well, your overnight basals aren't bad, because you stayed flat - but you stayed flat in the 200s. The correction bolus and/or the meal bolus you gave wasn't enough to get her back in range - I would focus on getting her in range after dinner, and then work your way through the night and the morning. Some kids are more insulin resistant the higher they are, so you don't know for sure if your overnight basals are right or she's needing more because she's insulin resistant in the 200s
  4. Abbysmom

    Abbysmom Approved members

    Jan 4, 2010
    Thank You

    That makes a lot of sense. I'll give that a go first. I think the correction is way off because I half corrections at night. But we have a cgm now. Good idea.
  5. frizzyrazzy

    frizzyrazzy Approved members

    Dec 23, 2006
    yep, we never "believe" basal tests when he's out of range. Which means..it's hard to get a good basal test done because those are the times when you need to test, when they're out of range. But Nancy is 100% correct, you just can't tell what's wrong when you basal test at those numbers.

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