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What to take for summer outings?

Discussion in 'Parents of Children with Type 1' started by Abbysmom, May 10, 2010.

  1. Abbysmom

    Abbysmom Approved members

    Jan 4, 2010
    We are pumping with ping now. I need to update my sig.

    I am looking forward to making up for last summer. Abby has never been to the zoo and was sick to remember the fair, etc.

    What do you take supply wise to the state fair for instance.

    I know I need her pump and meter and poker obviously. I have been caring xtra batteries, insulin, site change supplies, x strips, id bracelet of course, cugar, cracker packs, glucagon, icing gel, scissors to open the icing gel, clarie king book. Does everyone really carry all this to the fair.

    Also I know about the frio packs. If I got a pump wallet wouldn't the insulin in the tubing get too hot? How hot is too hot?
  2. jilmarie

    jilmarie Approved members

    Jan 29, 2007
    How far away is the state fair?

    I think some people like to be prepared for anything, but I don't like to carry such a big bag all the time, so here's what I would bring if it's less than 30 minutes from home: meter, syringe, tabs (or whatever fast acting sugar you usually bring), glucagon.

    I don't bring Calorie King, but if you feel like you'll need it, then bring it along. You could keep an extra infusion set in the car, but I just keep an extra syringe in my meter case and I can use that to draw out of the reservoir to give a correction or bolus until I get home. Ketone strips, extra batteries, extra insulin, crackers, gel and scissors are so rarely needed for me, that I would rather run home and get them if I really needed them, rather than carry them with me everywhere. That's just me, though, and I'm an adult.

    ETA I've never had a problem with the insulin in my pump or tubing getting too warm, but I know that people in warmer places do need to change their reservoirs more regularly in the heat.
  3. sam1nat2

    sam1nat2 Approved members

    Jan 24, 2007
    we just bring the tester with us and keep a battery and syringe in it. As long as we are going somewhere for the day, we don't bring much extra. Always have something for a low though.

    I did just put an extra set in the car so if we are out I'll have it with me.

    If the set falls off, we just draw up the insulin from the reservoir and give an injection. We don't test for ketones often, so I don't bring those with us.

    I don't know how long you have been at this, but for us, we are probably what most would consider slackers. I do make sure I have soda, juice or candy everywhere--my car, purse, test kit, stroller, Sam's backpack.
  4. NatBMomto4

    NatBMomto4 Approved members

    Mar 24, 2010
    I have 3 boys who all play Little League, plus my oldest 2 are on heir school teams, so we are not home more often than we are! We are often out for 8 hours stretches at a time. We are MDI, but here is what I bring everywhere: his meter (I keep extra needle tips in the case); insulin (in our Frio if it is warm); glucose tabs, calorie king, snacks, drinks and glucagon. Now, I also have a 19 month old, which means I carry a diaper bag, so I can just throw some of these things in there - it is really not a big deal for me.
  5. foggybear

    foggybear Approved members

    Feb 7, 2010
    My son (age 4) has a D bag that goes everywhere with him. He's MDI, so it has: testing kit (alcohol swabs, meter, strips, lancing device, lancets, band-aids), insulin pens, pen needles, a couple of syringes, Calorie-King book, candy, glucose gel, and glucagon. I find it easier to keep everything together, and I'm never caught unprepared.

    When we go places like the zoo, I throw his bag into a backpack along with snacks and bottled water. That keeps him from eating candy all day when lows happen and helps him avoid the tempting treats all around him.
  6. shekov

    shekov Approved members

    Feb 22, 2008
    I have a D bag that I take with us everytime dd leaves the house. We live in the country so every place we go is over 30 minutes from home.;)

    ... and who really wants to interupt a day of errand running to go home and change a site?

    We pulled out sites frequently when we started pumping but haven't had to do an emergency site change for over a year probably.

    I just find it easier to have everything together, packed and ready to go. We keep it in a little backback but would like to find something easier to carry.

    I have
    2 reservoirs
    2 sets
    alcohol wipes
    skin tac
    emla cream
    pump battery
    coin to open battery compartment
    site caps
    Calorie King book
    water bottle
    single packets of crystal light that can be added to water bottle
    sf gum
    carb snack
    carb free snack
    glucose tablets
    cake icing
    meter, strips, poker
    battery for meter
    childrens tylenol
  7. 2boysmom

    2boysmom Approved members

    Nov 2, 2009
    I carry almost exactly what Shekov mentions above with the addition of a ketone meter/strips. I keep it all in a backpack that I just grab and go.
  8. Brandi's mom

    Brandi's mom Approved members

    Dec 18, 2009
    I am very interested in the how hot is too hot question.

    We will be camping for a week this summer and the temperatures will probably be in the upper 90s lower 100s all week.

    How can I minimize the chances of ruining a ton of insulin when we are out on a hike or hanging out all day on the riverbank and away from the air conditioned coolness of our camper?
  9. McKenna'smom

    McKenna'smom Approved members

    Jan 5, 2010
  10. hawkeyegirl

    hawkeyegirl Approved members

    Nov 15, 2007
    I would take:

    meter, lancet, strips
    extra battery
    glucose in some form
    extra site
    IV prep
    Calorie King
  11. slpmom2

    slpmom2 Approved members

    May 16, 2008
    You've gotten some good advice. Just a few more things to consider:

    -If you're trying to travel light, what you bring in the car and what you schlep with you all day may be different. You can leave set change supplies, band aids, tylenol, etc. in the car, for instance.

    - If you happen to have an iPhone or iPod touch that you'll be carrying with you anyway, you can download a carb counting app (I have one called Nutrition Menu) and leave the CK book at home or in the car.

    - We like to carry a portable scale with us, so that we can dose accurately. We're getting better at estimating without it, but dd is so sensitive to insulin that it really makes a difference.

    As others have suggested, we have a D bag that just stays stocked with the basics all the time and goes with her any time she leaves the house. If we're all going to be out for the day, we bring a backpack with the scale, a calculator, writing supplies, and Purell.

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