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Survey: Looking for local diabetes success stories!

Discussion in 'Advocacy' started by ColleenB, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. ColleenB

    ColleenB Member

    Mar 19, 2008
    Tell Diabetes HOW (Helping Our World) about initiatives that improve quality of life for people with diabetes taking place in your community, so that others can learn from your experiences. Small things you do in your area can make a BIG difference -- let's share what's working and help others, too.
    Take the quick survey!
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  2. gotinsulin

    gotinsulin Approved members

    Nov 9, 2005
    Hi Colleen,
    I filled out the survery.
    We have a the started an Awareness packed program in our community, actually 10 yrs ago, and we do displays regarding cwd type 1 specifically.
    We get a lot out of it personally and our community has made great strides in what it knows about children living with Type 1 diabetes.
    Specifically our schools have a much greater understanding then when I
    approached them many yrs ago...
    We do an annual display at out Public Library for a month in a glass case in the lobby... various items books, videos, information galore about pumps, insulins, camps, carbs, etc., etc., anything goes.
    It promotes a lot of dialogue in our little corner of the world... which is the key to accuring knowledge...
    Its been very self serving to empower our community and could be easily replicated. We use a things that have anyway. Its an awesome opportunity to enlighten people about what they think they know about diabetes...
    It has been a great resource to ensure people here that may otherwise never meet that they are not alone...
    I think for me it was something that I could see, feel and know made a difference in my child's life today and therefore gives her a brighter tomorrow.

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