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Support the Diabetes UK children?s campaign

Discussion in 'UK' started by DiabetesVoices, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. DiabetesVoices

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    Aug 8, 2013
    Diabetes UK are calling for all children and young people with diabetes to get the care and support they need to manage their diabetes.

    This seems obvious, but currently only 6% of children and young people with diabetes whose checks are being recorded are getting all the recommended care to which they are entitled. This needs to change.

    Diabetes UK have outlined the 10 essential checks, care and services all children with Type 1 diabetes should receive in a new guide called the ?Type 1 essentials for children and young people. You can order your copy from the Diabetes UK online shop: www.diabetes.org.uk

    Do your bit to support the campaign

    If you would like to get involved and take action to support the children?s campaign, sign up to Diabetes Voices. The more people signed up to the network, the louder our voice will be! Whether you?ve got a few minutes to spare or an hour to give there will be some way you can take action to help.

    For more information about Diabetes Voices and to sign up visit www.diabetes.org.uk/diabetesvoices

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