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Son returned from school trip in DKA/need help finding an advocate to deal with school

Discussion in 'Parents of Teens' started by Jake'sMama, Apr 11, 2016.

  1. kyles_mom

    kyles_mom Approved members

    Jul 7, 2008
    I get that our kids shouldn't forget their basic care, but I've been on school trips with my son (3, 4, 5 days) numerous times and these things are always so chaotic. Running from pillar to post the whole time. It's hard to stop and do what you gotta do, and if they think it won't hurt 'this one time', they are going to try to get away with not doing it. My son has also gone to summer camp (non D ROTC camp through his HS) where I'm not there with him and I can't always count on him to contact me. And their phones do die, especially when there are no outlets available. It's hard for them at that age to really advocate for themselves. They don't want to have to speak up on their own behalf. This will come with maturity of course, but at 14?, no way. I remind my son all the time that he needs to be his own advocate when I'm not there and he's 17 and had D for 8 years. I really wouldn't put all of the blame on his shoulders. Yes, it's his responsibility, but what about the schools responsibility? If my child, D or no, is in their care and he's throwing up? I better at the very least get a phone call. Not to scare anyone, but there was a situation not all that long ago (I can't remember all of the details) but a boy went to some kind of non D camp, and he was throwing up and not feeling well and they just left him in his bunk where he actually passed away. Since when is it OK to not tell parents their kid is so ill that he is vomiting? sorry, I'm just very upset at this whole thing. I agree you shouldn't get a lawyer though, it does just cause more problems, but they definitely need to understand the severity of the situation. Yes, there are things that could have been done differently, but as others have said, please don't beat yourself up about it. Use it as a learning experience, and also to educate the school as you said so that no one else goes through what you and your son did. Also, I wanted to mention that most of us don't know what it feels like to run high BS all the time...as I'm sure he was w/o his long acting. I'm sure he was feeling awful, which certainly wouldn't help with his cognitive thinking. Prayers to you and your family that you are going through this. Diabetes really sucks :(
  2. forHisglory

    forHisglory Approved members

    Jan 26, 2015
    Why do the schools have a no parent policy? That seems crazy. Will they allow you to go and stay nearby to check in while he is on the trip? Eighth grade and age 14 is still pretty young, especially for a minor with a very intensive disease. I don't understand their reasoning there at all! I'm so sorry this happened to you guys!!

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