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Severe low timeline

Discussion in 'Parents of Children with Type 1' started by twolittleladybugs, Jul 21, 2010.

  1. twolittleladybugs

    twolittleladybugs Approved members

    Apr 26, 2008
    Knock on wood, we have never had to break out the glucagon. Emily's been running around at 25 and 28 a few times when she was little, and she usually catches lows in the 60s-70s now. We've seen a little bit more hypo unawareness since going of the CGM the past 6 months. She's had about 4 40s in the past 6 weeks and didn't catch any of them.

    So, my question to you guys is what is a general timeline for a severe, unconscious/seizure low? My main reason for asking is that we're switching schools this fall. We've been led to believe that the nearly FT nurse (10-2pm) we fought for at our old school would follow us to the new school (2-3 D kids that I know of). My issue is that where the emergency response time at our old school was about 5 minutes, my BIL is a firefighter at the station which would be responding to the new school and he says it would probably be at least 12 minutes. We're struggling with getting the district, mostly admin, to support designated adults to train with glucagon--hence them caving and hiring the FT nurse. I'm pretty happy with the coverage we have, but since I don't know what the schedule is yet, I worry about PE being outside of those hours. And of course, a low could happen anytime.

    I'm thinking that if I could give them a real life time line of what could happen if Emily's seizing and has to wait 12 minutes for help, it might bolster our side of the fight. Obviously, in my opinion, even 2 minutes is too long. I don't want to ask our endo because Emily will be there and I don't think this is something I should discuss in front of her.

  2. Amy C.

    Amy C. Approved members

    Oct 22, 2005
    Unfortunately, there is no timeline that children consistently follow. You will find that most posters here (but there are some) have not experienced a seizure, so any timeline will be from a few.

    My son has lows down to the 30s and has been walking around and alert. In nearly 13 years of living with diabetes, he has hardly ever had a low, low at school. They all seem to happen at home. Still, we have never used the glucagon. Yes, lows happen at any time, but seizures don't always follow.

    Is it against the law for non-nurses to administer glucagon in Washington State?

    You could speak to the endo on the phone on this topic.

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