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ready for college this fall..some questions

Discussion in 'Parents of College Kids and Young Adults with Type' started by toriajj, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. toriajj

    toriajj Approved members

    Jan 4, 2007
    i post infrequently due to busy mommy syndrome but my 2nd child is starting college in sept. dh found out today we will be moving to michigan, about 3+ hours away from our son, who wants to remain here in ohio for college. he will be about 30 minutes away from our current ped. endo(i don't know what insurance we will end up with, and if our current endo will still be jake's dr...sigh) so, should i encourage jacob to come with us, to michigan, or allow him to go to this school, he'll room with a high school friend(though not best friends as my son is quite the homebody and not super social although he is an athlete and plays sports all year long). who all do i contact at the university? jake has already been accepted and received some scholarship. he was not too interested in searching for the perfect college like his older sister did. he was content to find something close to our current home with a good business school. he does not like when i tell people he's diabetic, he's very compliant and tests as often as he needs to(sometimes many times a day if he's feeling funky)...so that's the situation in a nutshell. he will be living in a dorm.
    any pointers? any thoughts? i have this huge swirling thing over my head- thinking about moving, jake graduating, jake's a1c(it was 8 this last time), my 4 other kids, finding a new home in a new state, dh's new position, etc etc...so many details all revolving around meeting the needs of the people i love the most-my family.
    i want to encourage jacob's independence but do not want to overlook any details regarding his health. thank you so much.
  2. bgallini

    bgallini Approved members

    Feb 23, 2008
    My son will be going off to college in the Fall too. So I feel your stress!!! I think I would research a couple of colleges closer to the new home and give him the info. Perhaps suggest that he visit them. Then I'd let him decide. Quite frankly, 3 hours is not bad, really. My son's been accepted at a college about 1 1/2 hrs from here. He's waiting to hear from a school right here in town and 2 others about an hour away AND Univ of Montana! We live in Virginia! I think there's a college out in Oregon too. His girlfriend has applied at colleges all over the country and he's decided to apply at these 2 also. At this point, my main concern if he chooses one of those is how to pay for it!!

    No matter where they go, there will be logistical issues of what endo to use, where to get prescriptions filled, how to teach the room mates and others about D, how to trust the room mates and others, and more. But it's time for them to be more independent. Fortunately, there are cell phones and emails so we can keep in touch easily!

  3. OSUMom

    OSUMom Approved members

    Sep 10, 2006
    Have you talked to Jacob about it? Maybe he wants to go to a college near you? I would start there because from there all decisions will follow.

    My heart goes out to you. We have moved communities (doctors, schools, etc...) 4 times, and it's a lot of work for mom when all the kids are in the home/community school let alone figuring out the young adult in college and then the special needs of the diabetes.

    I'd be inclined to let your son pick the college, but it sounds like he may be happy to be close to where your new home is. From there the endo question comes into play. Our son sees an adult endocrinologist, but he was diagnosed at 18.
  4. susanH

    susanH Approved members

    Jun 11, 2006
    i remember that 'swirling' feeling in my head his senior year and we weren't even planning a move; that's a whole lot to handle!!

    3 hours away is a doable distance; my son is 3 hours from us and if he'd really want to be home for a weekend, we would get him here. if his chosen roomie lives close to the campus, your son needs to be prepared to have him possibly going home alot, leaving your guy alone. my son's three roommates all live within an hour or so and they all leave every weekend.
    it does sound like he wants to stay in ohio and will at least have a familiar face to go thru his first year with - that's a positive; hopefully they'll get along.

    my son never seens an endo at school and saves those visits for his trips home, on vacation. he has been in the college clinic once for a strep infection; they handled it well.

    i spoke with the head of the student health department briefly during orientation about my son's D....that was it. i think i also spoke to the resident assistant in his dorm.

    you've got so much taken care of already as far as college goes...accepted, has a roommate, has some scholarship money....i'd really be tempted to let it be.

    good luck with all this!
  5. ctwetten

    ctwetten Approved members

    Jan 11, 2006
    So I'm not a mom and thus don't really belong here, but I am a college student (junior) with diabetes and I wanted to see what kinds of things my mom might be thinking. ;)

    I was diagnosed with type 1 just before the start of my senior year of high school, went on a pump the following april, and moved 3 hours away to college that fall. I think the key thing for me has been to have a few friends or family members (my sister was around my freshman year) who understand about diabetes and what it means for me and how I need to take care of myself without me having to explain it all to them. I'll admit, it hasn't always been easy, my A1C did go up, and I miss having people like my mom and dad and siblings who just know that if I'm 50 I feel like crap and don't want to talk to them. On a whole, though, college has been great, and I'm glad I went away. If diabetes had meant that I had to go to a school I didn't like as much but was closer to home I probably would have rebelled against it a bit. Anyway, 3 hrs is a very manageable distance, and I go home a few extra weekends per semester to see the docs (and do my laundry. ;) )

    Anyway, that's my intrusive 2 cents worth from the other end.
  6. toriajj

    toriajj Approved members

    Jan 4, 2007
    thank you all for responding(you too ctwetten-i really appreciate YOUR viewpoint on all of this:) well, dh accepted the offer in michigan so we are definitely moving. i called jake's ohio college this morning-spoke to housing and to a nurse at their clinic. both seemed receptive and understanding. nursed recommended jake telling his profs up front when classes begin in case he'd go low during class(or an exam) and to realize that it's just not going to be exactly like being a non-d college kid. jake keeps talking about wright state, but i don't know if we move this summer, and he sees a new home, with all of us in it(we have much younger kids) that he'd be inclined to want to be nearer to us. i'm kind of leaving it up to HIM for now. he's a great kid,and funny, it seems as they get closer to this graduation mark, they really start to pull away a little. our daughter seemed to fight with us(me) more those last couple of months of high school, so when aug. hit, I was more than ready to send that kid off to college:D
    i'll keep checking in to read more tips and gain insight as this gets closer. thank you all for your input. i really appreciate it.
    anyone want to come and help me pack????:eek:
  7. Margaret O

    Margaret O Approved members

    Aug 7, 2007
    It sounds like you are doing everything you can to help support his decision while the butterflies decide to set up camp in your stomach. :cwds: It is amazing how, as they get closer to college beginnning, they start pulling away. I have posted before about my anxiety about dropping off our DS, but we knew it was never going to be easy whether he went 1 hour away or 5. I think 3 hrs away is manageble especially with an endo 30 min away.

    My son got sick once last fall and needed to go to the hospital. It was 2 and 1/2 hours away and we probably drove a bit fast;), but when we arrived, a representative of the college was sitting at the hospital waiting for us. She was there the whole time and checked in on him every 1/2 hour or so. The school assigns these older students to this responsibilty, but she went above and beyond in my opinion. The key here was that my son notified the Public Safety desk at school that he has diabetes and was very sick and needed to go to the hospital. They drove him to the hospital and he was there within 10 minutes. I was so impressed with his college's response that I know if he ever got into a bad spot again they would be there to help. We spent time educating his best buds about diabetes as well as his RA.

    Now that he is almost done with freshman year, w/1 and 1/2 months left of school, I have noticed a very different attitude. He is much better about managing D, he has found a great group of friends that understand and keep an eye out for him, he has a healthy respect for managing D when sick, and it is easier to talk to him about D and just about everything else.

    Whatever he decides, your son will find his way, while you go through few tissue boxes in the process....been there, done that!
  8. wildfire6299@yahoo.com

    wildfire6299@yahoo.com Approved members

    Apr 6, 2007
    Contact Disability Dept


    My daughter is a freshman at college. Before she left in August, I contacted the Disabilities Dept and the Health Center at the college. When she arrived in August, she met with a counselor in the Disabilities dept who went over her needs and pretty much said she would contact all her professors and if anyone gave her any problems to contact her. It's kinda like a college 504, but much easier. She meets with her every semester just to touch base. I also contacted the Health Center, met the head nurse and one of the doctors at the center. They explained to us how things were handled such as getting scripts from the local pharmacy, etc. The doctor said he would also write scripts for her if she ever needed anything for her diabetes. I gave her copies to keep on hand. They also gave her a sharps container and gave her instructions when full, so she could get another one. I sent a letter to the Health Center and her Endo giving them permission to talk to each other if there were any problems. I put a little care package together for the RA and also for her room mates. Everybody has been wonderful.

    I hope this helps.
  9. Illinifan

    Illinifan Approved members

    Feb 15, 2007
    From where I sit right now, I could throw a rock twice and hit Wright State (ok, maybe three times. ;))

    WSU has grown into a very, very good school (very respected in Engineering and the performing arts). He could do a lot worse.

    Any chance you are military?

    The dad of one of the kids my son plays high school soccer with is an adult endo here in the Dayton area and specializes in people with special circumstances. If WSU is a legit choice, PM me and I'll pass along his name.
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2008

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