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Random (note: silly) office rant

Discussion in 'Adults with Type 1' started by GChick, Jun 17, 2015.

  1. GChick

    GChick Approved members

    Nov 9, 2013
    To treat some very mild lows (or lows that aren't low yet) I used to often grab a sugar packet or two from the office break room.

    I stumble in there today to do the same and dangit! The office has started stocking Splenda/Stevia packets and the like instead. Grrrrr! (I do believe there is still a container of regular sugar... but not worth it if I gotta grab a spoon to use and wash it)

    I don't drink coffee or tea, so don't really find it appropriate for me to complain about it. :p Gotta just keep on top of my own soda/glucose tab supplies I suppose (which I do anyway... most of the time, but that allowed me to stretch my own supply).

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