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  1. s0ccerfreak

    s0ccerfreak Approved members

    Mar 17, 2007
    I'm suppose to be taking the PSAT tomorrow at school, so today my mom called school to talk about what if i go low/high or w/e. They hadnt even thought about it and didnt know what to say, so they ended up telling her that if I would go low 1) I had to let them know right away 2) they would call the PSAT people and ask them for special circumstances 3) I might have to go take the test somewhere else on saturday and probably pay again .
    Does anyone have any information about this? How did you handle this for you child/ yourself?
  2. Margaret O

    Margaret O Approved members

    Aug 7, 2007
    My DS with D took the SATs without special accomodations and did fine.

    The key is to test your bg an hour before the test and right before the test so that you know you are in good shape. You will have breaks and I would keep on testing bg and snack as you normally would during the breaks. If you don't normally go low during the day then you should be fine. Take the glucose tabs in and let your proctor know. I would assume you are taking them at the same school that you attend so they should know you and your possible need for a snack. If you can't finish the test then you can make it up. Remember these are "practice" for the real SAT so you can get an idea of how to manage it. You will be fine. My DD (non-D) is taking hers tomorrow too.

    Get some rest!
  3. livacreature

    livacreature Approved members

    Sep 30, 2007
    I took the SAT and GRE without special accomedations. I put some glucose tabs in my pockets and tested my bs during breaks. You'll be fine! Good luck! You can retake if things go badly. And remember, PSAT isn't going to make or break you either way.
  4. siren

    siren Approved members

    Jun 28, 2007
    Hey that exact thing happened to our son. He did fine anyway. We handled it just the way the others above said and he did fine. This test is good for National merit money and recognition. The money is smal(2000 I think and thats if the school you get into even grants it, not all do) Its also helpful just because there are schools that go out of their way to attract NMSQT high scorers as long as their SAT ultimatlly comes close to the same score. It involves an essay you have to write at the same time your trying to get college app.'s and essays out and keep those grades up. All in all our son didn't think it was worth the stress or effort even though he was a high scorer. His friends who also did well said similar things. What it was good for was that it really was a good predictor of what he would score on the SAT for him.:)
  5. jonsmom

    jonsmom Approved members

    Feb 11, 2007
    I just saw this now so it's too late for this time but the PSAT is administered by the College Board as is the SAT and AP exams. In order to get accomodations for any of these your school needs to send in a form to the College Board stating what accomodations you have now - preferably in your 504 plan and then a few weeks later you will get a letter from the College Board stating what accomodations they will give you.

    For my son his accomodations are:
    1. That he can test his blood sugar
    2. That he can have snacks while testing
    3. That he can have extra breaks
    4. That he can have extended breaks.

    In practicality what our school did was have the 2 students who have diabetes test in a room by themselves and they had a break after each section of the test - that was a good time to test their blood sugar if need be.

    I would recommend getting that paperwork done now in time for the SAT and in case you are taking any AP exams so that you will have the same accomodations.

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