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Prejudice in Sports.......

Discussion in 'Sports and Athletics' started by mom to a sports nut, Jul 13, 2007.

  1. bgallini

    bgallini Approved members

    Feb 23, 2008
    My son has experienced some discrimination in sports b/c of his diabetes. He was 15 at dx and was in the middle of a recreation league soccer season. Admittedly, he was not playing all that well just before diagnosis (probably hard to do anything well with undx diabetes). But he actually was played less after dx. I think the coach was freaked out by the dx. BUT this was rec soccer and the deal is if you pay, you play. He should have been played 50% of the game no matter what. Emails to him and to the people in charge didn't improve the situation. We got another coach the next season (had to call and freak out on them b/c they put him with the same coach despite my clear instructions not to) and I do think he played more that season but I was fed up with the league and didn't let him play with them anymore after that 2nd season.

    He now plays for his high school team. This is a different set of rules. He's not guarenteed 50% play time and the coach was clear with him about this from the start. I'm honest, he's not a great player. And he's not even as committed to the game as the other boys (missed most Mon practices for a band practice). But he's on the team and plays some and he's happy with that. This coach does not seem freaked out by the diabetes and he has no need to be....Alex handles it all and has only gone a little low once during a practice.
  2. Aine Maire

    Aine Maire Approved members

    Aug 10, 2008
    Prejudice in Sport

    I feel so sad to read about prejudice against children with type 1 and I feel so lucky in the coaches that my sports-mad son has had, over here in Ireland. They take such great care of him. They know about his diabetes and while they don't treat him any differently to the rest of the team, they watch over him carefully. He has never been omitted from a team...in fact quite the opposite...they encourage him to take care of his diabetes so that he will be "good to go" for his training and matches. I thank God for their kindness and goodness every day.

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