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Participate in PAID diabetes research surveys

Discussion in 'Surveys and Studies' started by richard.wood, Oct 18, 2017.

  1. richard.wood

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    Sep 21, 2017
    Get involved in diabetes research by participating in a survey by dQ&A (http://www.d-qa.com), the diabetes research company!

    Your feedback about your life with diabetes will go directly to the designers and researchers working on today’s - and tomorrow’s - diabetes products. Let them hear about your real-life issues and help them create better products for the future!

    Click here to get started now! If you choose to become a member of our panel, we will send you regular patient surveys about your life with diabetes. Each survey takes less than 10-20 minutes and can be taken online or on your smartphone or tablet, and you can opt out any time you’d like.

    When you complete your first survey, we will also thank you by:
    • Donating $10 to Children with Diabetes.
    • Sending you a $10 check or gift certificate, which you can choose to donate to the diabetes charity of your choice, and entering you into a prize drawing for a $200 Amazon gift certificate.
    See what respondents have to say about our surveys:
    • “Thank you for giving us a voice and keeping us informed of new and developing technology." – Parent of a child with diabetes
    • “I feel as if I have some input to my son’s diabetes care and future.” – Parent of a child with diabetes
    • “Very good survey, easy to complete.” – Survey respondent
    Thank you so much for your time! We hope to hear from you.

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