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One Year

Discussion in 'Parents of Children with Type 1' started by austin_calebs_mom, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. austin_calebs_mom

    austin_calebs_mom Approved members

    Apr 18, 2009
    One year ago today, I took Caleb to the ER for what I thought was just dehydration from having influenza. As you all know, that turned out to be from Type 1 diabetes. Looking back at that day, I never thought I'd become used to this new normal. I was so frightened and mad and sad. Why did this have to happen to my wonderful little boy? Will I be able to care for him? Will I hurt him? Can I keep him alive? In those first few days, I never dreamed it how quickly all of this would become routine. "Wash your hands, check your bg, let's measure your food, get ready for your insulin shot." I never thought all the ratios and formulas and numbers would stick in my head. I didn't think I'd know what to do in an emergency, or if I would even know when to use Glucagon. I never thought that I'd be able to give my son 4 shots a day and poke his finger 6-10 times every single day. I remember thinking to myself, "How can I stick a needle in my baby?" I never dreamed how easy it would be to do something so necessary to keep my son alive. I didn't think it would become effortless (for the most part), something I could do without thinking. It's become such a huge part of our lives that even though sometimes I pretend that Caleb doesn't have D, I can never pretend for very long. I know that the days leading up to his dx and the first couple of weeks immediately afterwards will never leave me. They will haunt me forever. In hindsight I cannot believe that I had myself convinced that nothing major was wrong. I cannot believe that I thought he was faking a lot of his illness so he didn't have to go to school. I hate myself for not believing him when he needed me the most. But thankfully we caught it in time and I still have my wonderful, loving, sometimes sassy little boy here with me, where he belongs.

    I want to thank those of you who helped me when I first found this website and couldn't think straight. Thank you for all of your support, encouragement, hugs, and just being willing to say, "I understand" and know exactly what I mean without having to explain myself. As parents of CWDs, we are definately a family and in this together.

    So again, thank you all for everything. :) And here's to many more healthy years for all of our brave, wonderful CWD's.
  2. StillMamamia

    StillMamamia Approved members

    Nov 21, 2007
    HUGS and wishes for many more years of health and happiness.:)
  3. lisamustac

    lisamustac Approved members

    Mar 9, 2009
    The first few months are so hard. You think life could never be normal again. Then looking at the year mark you realize how strong you and your child are and how you learn to adapt. Not only do we understand how amazing our d children are you have to step back and look at what an amazing parent you are :) Good job with the first year under your belt. I know it felt like an accomplishment to us.
  4. saxmaniac

    saxmaniac Approved members

    Jun 1, 2007
    I like to say it doesn't get any easier, but you will get stronger, and it won't seem as bad. Read your post again, and see how strong you have become in such a short time.

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