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Newborn anxiety

Discussion in 'Parents of Children with Type 1' started by cakersmom, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. cakersmom

    cakersmom Approved members

    Jun 12, 2006
    I just had a baby girl Jan 11th and I have a 3.5 yr. old with D. I'm so scared, nervous and overwhelmed. I've already tested my poor new baby's blood sugar. I feel like I have to do things differently this time around...breastfeeding, limited vaccines and watching for "viruses" that may trigger type one in Lilliana. Plus, thinking about preschool for my Caitlyn...I just need advice on how to handle the stress. It's non-stop at my house...taking care of a newborn and D child. What did I get myself into?
  2. JenFur

    JenFur Approved members

    Dec 28, 2006
    First off, congrats on the new baby!

    You are like we were, Kimberly was 3.5yrs. when Michelle was born. I know it is hard but please try to enjoy her being a normal little baby and try not to worry about her possibly getting it. I know it is easier said than done.;)

    I made up my mind that I was not gonna worry about that happening and never checked her bs. I really enjoyed not having to worry while I left her with grandparents. Unfortunately, Michelle was dx'd too, Not that yours will be! I caught it really early and if I had worried all those 4 years of her life I would have been miserable and probably look a lot older then I do:p.

    I know it is hard, but enjoy her now, before you know it that sweet little baby will be running all over the house. Make sure you take care of yourself and get some breaks here and there. ((Hugs)):cwds:
  3. Tori's Mom

    Tori's Mom Approved members

    Nov 26, 2006
    Please remember that it is not YOUR fault your daughter has Diabetes. From your post it feels like you may be feeling responsible for(or that you could have prevented) your daughter's diagnosis and IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT.
    I am so sorry you are feeling so overwhelmed. You definitely have a lot on your plate. Do you have family or friends that could lend a hand? Even if it is for a few hours so you could have an uninterrupted nap??? Adding a newborn to D has to be double the sleep deprivation. :eek:

    Hang in there.....try to solicit some help and please do not "borrow trouble" by constantly fearing your newborn will develop Diabetes. You have enough stress without adding the constant fear/worry.
  4. MamaChrissa

    MamaChrissa Approved members

    Apr 20, 2007
    I test Jason's twin sister (whose name is Caitlin Elizabeth, by the way! ;)) regularly. I doubt if I will ever stop worrying. But I do know that there is nothing I could do to prevent it, just like J getting D wasen't my falt. If its gonna happen, its gonna happen. Al I can do is be aware sor signs and symptoms.
  5. sam1nat2

    sam1nat2 Approved members

    Jan 24, 2007
    I'm sorry you are so stressed out. Have you gotten your new baby into the TEDDY study??

    I was just talking to my ped about how I'm going to delay vaccines on the new baby coming, she happened to look at Sam's chart and he hadn't had one in the year before being diagnosed. He also had no virus, at least if he did, we didn't recognize it as anything.

    Sometimes D just happens, despite all we do to try to prevent it. At least if it happens, you will know what to look for.

    Congrats on the new one!!
  6. Lindy

    Lindy Approved members

    Apr 1, 2007
    I hear ya! When the big D came to our home, I had a 4yr old, 2yr old and 2month old.. Life was CRAZY and still is! :p

    First - cut yourself some slack! A newborn, lack of sleep, hormones raging and a 3yr old to chase - plus you are dosing insulin, counting carbs etc. etc. You are BUSY!!! You need to find a new routine with this new baby and that is just going to take time..

    I too decided to "do things a bit different" with the now 1 yr old, then 2 month old. No vaccines yet.. :confused: Think I will wait until she's older for them.

    For the record I breastfed my child with D -

    The chances of this itty bitty newborn having D is really slim - I think you are safe to not check a BG for a few more months yet! But, perhaps joining a study would bring some comfort to you!

    I hope that things settle into place soon for you and your family! Congrats on your new bundle!
  7. Val

    Val Approved members

    Sep 7, 2006
    I know it is so hard and overwhelming & I wanted to say I am sorry. My daughter was born two weeks after Simon was diagnosed & it was extremely stressful. I can't say that I don't worry about Lucy, because I do. I try not to stress about it b/c that will get me nowhere. Every now & then when she starts to act really cranky, I test her. That is the great thing is that we have the tools available & are able to recognize it much easier. Keep your head up, and know that you are doing a great job! :)
  8. jmcole1

    jmcole1 Approved members

    Nov 8, 2006

    I understand how you feel. When my daughter was dx, she was nine. I had a one and three year old. It can be stressful but I try not to let my emotions control me all the time. I've been feeling what you feel now because my daughter is getting ready to turn 15. Like I said, she was 9 when dx and my 2nd child just turned 9 in November. I remember thinking this was the magic number and now she would be dx also. I would worry on any given day if she seemed to go to the bathroom too much or drink more, etc. Not logical thinking, I know. Just know that your not alone in this type of thinking but don't let it control you. You have a brand new baby to enjoy along with your sweet preschooler.


    Mom to Lauren (15 in 9 days) dx 4/27/02
    Lindsay (9)
    Shane (7)
  9. cakersmom

    cakersmom Approved members

    Jun 12, 2006
    Thanks for the reply's, they are really encouraging!
  10. Lizzy731

    Lizzy731 Approved members

    Apr 22, 2007

    Well you're not alone. We have tested my son on two occasions after a particularly heavy diaper. All good thank goodness. He also loves water and I would get so nervous about how much he drank. But I actually measured it once and it really wasn't all that much, it just seemed that way because of my nerves. I forgot how much Bethany used to pee when she was his age. I figure it this way...both of my kids have blue eyes (I have hazel, DH has brown)...so in that respect, what are the chances that they both have blue eyes and both have diabetes. Pretty slim. It may be a silly analogy but it works for me! ;)
  11. Ellen

    Ellen Senior Member

    Oct 22, 2005
    Congrats on the new baby. Remember, those nice hormones that make you feel happy and calm kick in while you're nursing - it may help you destress. Ask others around you to help out...now's the time for someone else to do some cooking, laundry, and bring you plenty to drink.
  12. Bensmom

    Bensmom Approved members

    Dec 29, 2007
    Having a baby when you have a preschooler too is overwhelming even if diabetes isn't in the picture! My heart goes out to you...whenever we had a new baby, I was always stressed the first few weeks. After Ben was dx'd I tested all my kids! And when one of them started drinking more recently, etc...I almost flipped. Her tests came back neg, thank goodness, but what I'm trying to say is what you're feeling is normal! As for preschool, I worried a lot before Ben started, but shouldn't have. His teachers have been very diligent and wonderful. Take care of yourself and enjoy your new baby!
  13. lynn

    lynn Approved members

    Sep 2, 2006
    My seventh baby was born 5 1/2 months after my 2 1/2 year old was diagnosed. She is now 18 months old and has had a handful of bg checks. For some reason I worry about her.
    Now she is messing with my head. I asked the doctor at her 15 month check how much was the minimum amount to drink and still be healthy because she just didn't drink. She hardly ever needed a diaper change. Suddenly she has decided to drink....and has wet out twice today.:(
    I have no solution to your worrying. Just do your best to enjoy. I love babies.
  14. Sarah Maddie's Mom

    Sarah Maddie's Mom Approved members

    Sep 23, 2007
    I just want to congratulate you on your new baby girl and send best wishes that you can find a space with the new baby to relax and enjoy her without fear of D. :cwds:
  15. LJS118

    LJS118 Approved members

    Jun 20, 2007
    Congrats on your new baby:D
    When Ryan was dx'd I was 7 months pregnant with baby #2.(That was 9 years ago) I remember being so nervous about him getting it as well. I ended up having baby#3 as well.
    It was always nerve racking, and I admit, I've checked a finger or two...but so far so good. Don't make yourself nuts worrying.
  16. Momof4gr8kids

    Momof4gr8kids Approved members

    Sep 3, 2006
    Congrats on the new baby!!

    I understand the fear you must feel. I feel that with some of my other children, too.

    I'd like to point out though that diabetes was around long before immunizations, and bottle feeding, so do what YOUR beliefs are, but not because your baby might get D.
  17. BlessedIAm

    BlessedIAm Approved members

    Nov 28, 2007
    Cakersmom- I completely understand how you are feeling. I was 12 weeks pg with our third child when Nick was diagnosed last February. I've had the same thoughts about breastfeeding and vaccinations. I had already planned on breastfeeding anyway but breastfeeding did not go well at all with Nick and I gave it up at 3 months. It was still one more thing for me to worry about though but I am happy to report that apparently the third time is a charm for me. This is the absolute best nursing experience I have ever had and I finally get why some mom's have a such a love affair with nursing their babies. I always questioned the amount of vaccines our kids were getting but I never really fought it with my first two kids. Basically the doc and society said that all of these vaccines were important and I just took their word for it. However, it is different now. Grant will be selective/delayed vaccinated. It's been almost a year since Nick was diagnosed and I admit I have checked our second child's blood sugar once because she suddenly started drinking a lot more for a few days. I'm sure it won't be the last time I ever do that but I want to be very careful about this because she had a very hard time with her brother's diagnosis too and she already thinks she is going to be diabetic some day.

    All in all I do think we will always be on heightened awareness but I do not want to live my life in a panic thinking that one of my other kids will become diabetic. If there are some things I can try that MAY help and definitely won't hurt then by all means I am going to give it a try. However, ultimately I know it is out of my control.
  18. thebestnest5

    thebestnest5 Approved members

    Aug 16, 2006
    Congrats on your new little princess!

    I have a little guy about seven months old. I find myself watching his diapers for excess urine output.

    I don't hold much stock in the breastfeeding/non-vaccination route for preventing D....Liv was breastfed with no pacifiers, no supplements...weaned on her own. Plus, she was not vaccinated before dx. I took DHA during my pregnancy, too. If any of my kids should have been able to avoid D; I thought it would be her.
  19. StillMamamia

    StillMamamia Approved members

    Nov 21, 2007
    Congratulations on your baby!!! I wish many happy moments, full of joy, health and peace!

    I totally understand where you're coming from...my oldest son was dx at 2 and my youngest (non-D) was almost 1. After coming home (my oldest had spent 1 week in the hospital, DKA over 900 and severely dehydrated), we were on 'panic' mode for a few months...if our youngest would drink too much, we would test him, if he smelled strange (yes, sometimes it was 'poop':rolleyes:) we would test him...the list goes on and on...I even wanted to test him for antibodies...but my DH was (and still is) against it...why add more worry, right??

    As for starting school, that was a nerve-wracking experience for me...before school started, I prepared pages and pages of things on Type 1, etc...but my biggest worry was not having cooperative teachers, and what if Ian would go low:eek:

    Then school started, and IT WENT SOOO WELL...the teachers are so amazing, and apart from a couple of highs, 1 very low low, and the pump site coming off (double:eek:), things are going smoothly.

    So, what you're doing/feeling is totally normal...it will 'calm' down with time...the stress of managing D and having a newborn adds to all the anxiety and frustrations...but you'll be fine...take it one day at a time...and you'll REALLY be ok...

    Many hugs to you

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