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my brother was diganouised with type 1

Discussion in 'Siblings and Friends' started by ccbike9, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. ccbike9

    ccbike9 New Member

    Apr 13, 2009
    well im cc real name none of your beeswax, well my brother was diangoused with type 1 and it was a real bummer:eek: and my mom was picking up my brother from school and she got a call from my brothers doctor and saying take luc to the doctor now and i was sick and with my mom and then she started to cry and i didnt no anything and then she told me that luc is dangerously high and i said whats that mean and she said he might die:(i was like how??? and my mom figured out why he was acting like he was on drugs and it was sooo sad that i didnt no what to do and then my mom went the school and picked him up and my mom was still crying and then he was in the nurses office crying that did not feel good and then i broke down he is a year older than me and bugs the heck out of me but i love him with all my heart

    sorry about spelling errors only in 6th grade and nt so good at typing
  2. roguskie

    roguskie New Member

    Jun 26, 2011

    Hey, I know how you feel it is really scary and you don't know how you can help. I was 10 when my little sister was diagnosed with diabetes and she was only 1. All you can do is be there for you brother and learn about it so you can help him out. I used to do some finger pricks and injections to help my sister.

    Hope your ok.
  3. Ronin1966

    Ronin1966 Approved members

    Feb 18, 2010
    Hello ccbike9:

    Sorry to hear things are so rough for you, your little brother and your family right now. It stinks...

    Like your spelling, your brother will get better at things and will feel better too. Sure he is a diabetic, but he's still the same brother he was before he got diabetes. He still needs you... more than ever now.

    You can still mess with him. Borrow his stuff, do everything you did before with him... just now hes got some extra stuff to figure out. So do you. As his little brother you can help him in ways mom and dad can't... Keep him honest... he'll talk with you about stuff he might not your mom or dad, or not as quickly anyway? If he does just listen... there's stuff you won't be able to do for him... but sometimes there is...
    If you think he's having trouble, let mom or dad know it privately.

    I was diagnosed when I was about three years old, a litttle younger. Sometimes I wanted someone else to do the diabetes stuff for me that I needed to do. Different stuff today, but the same idea. Maybe you'll be able to help him do his testing? There are kids much younger than your brother doing this stuff. As he gets older he'll do it for himself and mom or dad will just check up, make SURE he does the diabetes stuff... just like they do with homework now.

    Eventually they just make sure its been done, rather than hovering over you/him with the "evil eye" watching too closely.

    If you think somethings up, or you want to help your brother try talking to mom or dad first, see what they think, or what you'd like to do/try to help with him first. They'll help you out too.

    Diabetes does NOT rule his life. It will not rule your family either. For now though its like a giant fire. Gotta be controlled, taken care of so its made as tiny as possible. It can be managed. Its also kinda like a strange dog running through your house. You gotta catch it, train it and make sure it doesn't pee on the rug, eat your mom's favorite shoes, shread your school project you worked on so hard or basicly cause major trouble. Most days it'll behave with some practice, some training and you'll almost forget its there.

    But on the BAAAAAD days sometimes it has to be put in time-out, or back in its cage until it stops biting your brother. It will be ok.... there are a bunch of us here who have had this puppy for twenty, thirty, forty years or longer. Nobody loves it, but we have learned to respect it, and in time make friends with it on some days anyway.

    Tell us whats going on when you can... we're just like your brother, if a little older :(
  4. Amy C.

    Amy C. Approved members

    Oct 22, 2005
    The OP hasn't logged onto this forum since shortly after he posted more than 2 years ago. I doubt he will respond.

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