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More 504 Drama

Discussion in 'School and Daycare' started by Vi'sMom, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Vi'sMom

    Vi'sMom Approved members

    Feb 18, 2008
    I'm so frustrated with our school district! And their complete inability to follow a 504 plan.

    I found out today that the para-professional that was hired for Vi (per 504) was terminated on Monday, and for the last 4 days just anyone that was available has been dealing with finger pokes and insulin shots :mad:
    When I called the called the school to find out exactly what was going on I got the blow off major big time by the principal. So I called the superintendant and got the same (if fact still waiting on him to return my calls). So I called the state office of public instruction, ADA, JDRF, and Office of Civil Rights and filed complaints against the school, principal,and other staff.

    This is soo soo frustrating!! I'm sorry I'm venting but ya'll understand here.

    I'm open to any idea's tips and hints!

    On another note, we start pump training 1 April and go on the pump on the 8th! So hopefully that will help alittle with all this.

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