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Discussion in 'Parents of Children with Type 1' started by SugarBooger, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. pookas

    pookas Approved members

    Nov 27, 2005
    Jordana, How do you do it when you are at a restaurant? Do you take a scale w/ you? I guess different things work, like the way they do the carb exchange. We do exact carbs at home by measuring things like cereal and milk, but otherwise, like you said the prepackaged foods have the carb counts on them. And we have a fast foods carb book. I practically memorized the ones Hunter usually has. Like 1 c. popcorn = 5 g. Hubby's still working on it. It also depends on what the Endo. follows. Whatever works =)
    P.S. I've gotten as good as just looking at a piece of pizza and knowing how many carbs are in it =)

    Linda-[NEPA]-Mom to:
    Hunter, 5 yrs, dx'd 11/14/05 type I
    Colby, 7 yrs, migraines
  2. Jordana

    Jordana Approved members

    Jul 5, 2006

    As far as going to a restaurant, there are several options. If you eat out infrequently, I personally see nothing wrong with making a good guess and correcting later on, although if I ate out a lot I wouldn't make that a habit. The Calorie King book is great to keep in your purse or D bag - lots and lots of carb counts there of popular restaurants and fast food places. But I have trouble with that theory because my son isn't even 2 yet, so clearly he isn't going to eat any normal portion of anything. This is where carb factors rock! I can figure out the carb factor of anything if I have a carb count. So if the Cal King book says that fries at Burger King have 33 carbs in a 90 gram serving (just making these numbers up), then can figure out the carb factor simply by dividing the grams of carbs by the total weight (33/90 = .36), so then I just weigh out what Evan will eat and multiply that by .36 and I know exactly what he ate. So yeah, I actually have a travel scale - but have only needed it a couple of times so far. I quickly learned what half a piece of toast weighs and other common foods he eats (we really don't do restaurants often)! But if I were to take him out to, say, Chinese food I'd absolutely weigh his food because rice has sooo many carbs and he will eat a ton of it. I have a pocket sized chart (scroll down to almost bottom of page where it says 'pocket sized chart) of common foods with carb factors (not restaurant foods, but things like different types of fruits, grains, veggies, etc.) so that at least my 'guesses' are pretty darn close. And since he's so small, being off by as little as 5 carbs can mean a 50-75 point swing.

    I hope this made sense!!
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