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Just a kid with a passion =)

Discussion in 'Teens' started by Shadow, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. Shadow

    Shadow Approved members

    Aug 3, 2008
    Yup, you read right - a passion for writing ^_^
    Critique any other writers out there? Or just read for the fun of it =D

    I'm scared, I always have been, and always will. Fear is simply apart of me, of my life.
    It is always standing beside me, squeezing my hand so tight I want to cry out, but don't. When I am in bed, the curtains pulled shut so that the light is trapped in my room, when the wind whistles against the window, I am fearful. I could fight it, but then, my life would be a boring story, a window into nothing.
    Conquering fear is not jumping out of a moving plane or diving into a pool of sharks, conquering fear is to stay with the shadows all your life, and live the way you normally would. You know, I want to tell my story, but am too scared.
  2. Shadow

    Shadow Approved members

    Aug 3, 2008
    Don't know ...

    Don't know if you care but here are some poems :)

    The blood spilt,
    The tears I cry,
    The knives dulled,
    Why, oh, why?

    If I packed my bags,
    If I waved goodbye,
    Would you go bright red,
    Or sit and cry?

    My life is lost,
    My purpose is done,
    I have no husband,
    I have no son.
    No daughter, brother,
    I am all alone,
    No family,
    No lives to share,
    I cry at home.

    If you came,
    And you sat by my side.
    I would be lifted,
    Uprised, but you give me a glance,
    Then turn away,
    It was simply by chance,
    You were not here to stay.
    My icy tears,
    Splatter on the dirty ground,
    I cry silently,
    Not making a sound.

    My soul is ripped,
    And no one minds,
    My heart is torn,
    And your new girl shines.
    This cruel world,
    I burn in hell,
    I sit at the church gates,
    I hear the bell,
    But they won’t let me in,
    You couldn’t care less,
    You can’t imagine my pain,
    You don’t realize you’re blessed.

    Until you realize,
    My feelings for you,
    Until you see, I’m dying,
    I will remain forever true.
    I will sit at the church gate,
    I will sit here,
    Even though in my heart I know it’s too late.

    Not one of my best =/
  3. Shadow

    Shadow Approved members

    Aug 3, 2008
    Again ...

    Again, don't know if you care xD



    They slipped through the bushes like shadows, slinking in and out of the tree's paths and continually raking the earth for a sign of game.
    Fangs bared and yellow eyes unblinking they caught a scent "Human" one wolf spat to the other "Humans? Here? Not possible." a snow white wolf stepped past two others and came to the side of the first wolf that spoke. He spoke with authority as though he was certain of himself. But the first wolf grinned mockingly "Sama, come on. That sure ain't one of us that I smell."
    This wolf was pitch black, the exact opposite of the snow white wolf in looks and personality.
    Sama stopped and sniffed the air, a light wind holding a slight smell "But Kere ... how?" he was shocked.
    "I don't know, unless -"
    Kere was cut off as a thud echoed in the air and the sound of a gun being cocked was heard.
    A howl came as Sama dropped to the ground.

    Kere scowled as he and the others ran to safety "The blood of our brethren has been spilt. The war has begun."

    Chapter 1


    Bevin ran his hand through his hair as he saw the wolf drop
    "Bloody pests stalking 'round here in the middle of the night."
    He threw the gun into the middle of the camp ground and walked into the bushes. The fur of the wolf was snow white and elegant. Bevin grinned "Not half bad, the fur'll sell for at least a hundred." his face darkened "But with the rest of that pack still out there ... I'VE ONLY GOT A COUPLE OF WEEKS HERE, I DON'T WANT TO SPEND HALF THAT TIME SCARING YOU SCOUNDRELS' OFF!" he yelled after them.
    He slung the wolf over his shoulder - grunting slightly from the weight - and walked back to his camp.

    Back at camp Bevin put the fire out and moodily dumped the body in the tent bag. "I'll leave it there until I go home" he thought and crawled into a small green tent. Bevin unrolled a sleeping bag and climbed in, shutting his eyes.
    He dreamt.

    He was a stag.
    Big and brave,
    A majestic king.
    But at that moment he was a whimpering mess.
    Wolves surrounded him and he raised his antlers.
    An antler collided with a wolf's body and knocked the air out of him.
    They were on him, everywhere.
    Biting, tearing, ripping.

    "Bloody hell!" Bevin woke with a crash.
    His hand waved to the side and knocked over a glass of water.
    "What the ..." he held his head and thought.
    "Those wolves.
    I'll never sleep well again."
    A small alarm clock lay beside Bevin's sleeping bag. The numbers on it read in large red letters 2:17am.
    Yawning, he pulled the edges of the sleeping bag over his chin and shut his eyes.

    A howl echoed through the air.


    “Morning!” a familiar voice woke Bevin.
    He looked up and saw a bent figure peering through the flaps of the tent. “Sammy! When’d you get here?”
    “Middle of the night, I set my tent up beside this one. Sounds like we have a wolf problem.” Sammy winced “Don’t mess with them, trust me. Wolves are intelligent animals.”
    Bevin grunted and yanked his clothes on, yawning lethargically. “Go away while I get dressed, even if these wolves are ‘amazing’ I plan to try and take down a few today.”

    Sammy was waiting impatiently outside “If we’re going to go and hunt ‘em lets hurry up then!”
    Bevin appeared and stretched, grabbing his gun.
    “OK, let’s go”
    Sammy sighed gently and followed Bevin through the dense trees until he paused suddenly “Bevin, bud! How are we going to find them?”

    Chapter 2


    Kere stamped his paw on the dusty earth “It is not acceptable, this human has spilt the blood of our own brother! Sama is dead!” he roared in rising fury.
    The wolves sat in a circle around him, there were eleven altogether. A young golden brown female stepped forward “My alpha. I think that these humans are slimy and the wolf lord’s worst creation. Why not attack?”
    Kere blinked “Your name is?”
    “Vira, your idea is possible although stealth is a vital issue.” Kere frowned “with planning it is doable.”
    Another wolf spoke up shyly “Kere, my alpha, what if …”
    He hesitated for a minute and glanced into the distance
    “What is it?” Kere hissed, growing impatient “The deer rise soon and we are all hungry.”
    The wolf cringed slightly “…if we leave them? And get their family.”
    Kere laughed mockingly “I pity your ignorance, we will track them down how? Go up and ask the humans their name and address and let them know we will be in contact in the next two to three weeks? Hah!”
    Kere spat upon the ground “but I will forgive you – you are young.”
    The wolf sighed slightly and stepped into the circle of wolves.
    The alpha then stood from his spot and yawned, baring his bloodstained maw “No more ideas now though, our minds are clouded with hunger. Let us hunt.”
    With a signal of the alpha’s paw the pack set off.

    The pack was tightly knit.
    Their footsteps were in sync with each other as they stalked the Caribou, instinctively half the pack broke to the side and slowly surrounded the group. The other half trotted silently through the grass towards them – careful to stay upwind of the game – like whispers in the wind.
    A howl rose into the air and in the space of a millisecond,
    the hunt was on.
    “Faster!” Kere roared.
    A Caribou broke to the side and struck at Vira, who jumped backwards just fast enough to miss a blur of hooves and horns.
  4. Shadow

    Shadow Approved members

    Aug 3, 2008
    No need

    No need to read them all xD
  5. toohughey

    toohughey Approved members

    Mar 18, 2008
    Very nice! I am PMing you.

  6. misscaitp

    misscaitp Approved members

    Jul 26, 2007
    That was great! And your 11 yo!:eek: I can't even write like that. But your a natural born writer. You need to get published.
  7. musicjunkie

    musicjunkie Approved members

    May 15, 2008
    Awesome passion for an 11 yr. old
    I like to write too:)
  8. StillMamamia

    StillMamamia Approved members

    Nov 21, 2007
    Eilish, I'm a fan :)
    You've got a lot of talent.
  9. MelStan

    MelStan Member

    Jan 5, 2007

    Thanks guys ^_^
    I'm 11.8 at the moment =/ Yuck ...
    But thank you =)
  10. Shadow

    Shadow Approved members

    Aug 3, 2008

    I accidently posted that last message in my Mums account =/ My apologies!
  11. sarah[:

    sarah[: Approved members

    Jun 14, 2008
    dude you're 11 ?! that's amazing!

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