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JDRF Walk team shirts

Discussion in 'Fundraising Activities' started by steph, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. steph

    steph Approved members

    May 1, 2012
    Just wondering the logistics of doing team shirts. We are doing our first walk with our 2 year old daughter this Fall, and I am hoping to have a decent turn out of friends and family walking with us. My question is exactly how do you go about ordering shirts? Do you have people RSVP to walk and give you their sizes and you purchase them all at once for everyone? Do you set up the shirt with a company and give them the link to order their own if they choose? What about people that show up unexpectedly or those that don't show up? I want her first walk to be fun and special, but I don't want to stress myself out about it too much. I also am not sure we can afford to foot the entire bill of shirts for everyone.
    I was also considering making buttons to give to everyone who shows up to wear with our daughter's picture and team name and JDRF logo. Does anyone think that idea sounds good?
    Sorry this is so long, and thank you for taking the time to read it :)
  2. MelissaAL

    MelissaAL Approved members

    Mar 27, 2012
    We are planning for our first walk this fall, so I have some of the same questions! I think your idea of buttons is a good one. We have a kickoff lunch for walk team captains later this week so I am looking forward to learning more.
  3. CAGrandma

    CAGrandma Approved members

    Mar 14, 2006
    Team shirts can be expensive. I think the most important thing is that they are all the same color, and that is not expensive. We've been doing the walk for the past 7 years and have tried a few things. Michaels has shirts in a all sizes for about $2.50-$3.00 each, so we usually just have our CWD pick a color and we buy shirts for everyone we think is coming. Any late comers can get their own!

    We've just left them blank, we've tie-dyed them (kids loved doing that), we've had the kids decorate them with fabric markers, we've used iron-ons with a photo and team name, etc. Decorating the shirts makes it a team effort, the kids love doing it, and it is a lot less expensive than buying the professionally done shirts.

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