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Insulin producing pig cells transplant

Discussion in 'New Zealand' started by sarahv, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. sarahv

    sarahv New Member

    Mar 11, 2009

    I know based on a previous thread that many of you are aware that the previous Minister of Health approved clinical trials to commence at Middlmore hospital for the transplant of insulin producing pig cells into diabetics by Living Cell Technology

    Well - we have just learnt via Bob Elliot that there is a serious delay.

    A condition of the Minister's approval was a peer review of the risk management and safety procedures included in the protocol and any changes
    to adequately manage any outstanding risk of patient harm.

    This peer review report is now being considered by the new Minister of Health, Tony Ryall, who does not have a medical background, but the reviewer has gone BEYOND the scope of the review and made recommendations on matters which have already been decided.

    Further delays in commencing the trials will prevent this form of treatment, which the pilot study in Russia has shown to be safe and effective,
    from becoming available to diabetes sufferers.

    We therefore need to urgently e-mail the new Minister The Hon. Tony Ryall, tony.ryall@parliament.govt.nz requesting that he approve commencement of the clinical trials for implantation of insulin producing pig cells into diabetics, in order to prove this treatment in New Zealand as soon as possible.

    So - please spare 5 minutes of your time to do this!!!!

    I am totally fed up with diabetes and any steps towards a cure need to be encouraged.
  2. Mammaj

    Mammaj New Member

    Apr 3, 2009
    word to the mother;)
    Have just written to the man and look forward to seein whats next
    take care

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