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Insufficiently trained Diabetic Alert Dogs

Discussion in 'Diabetes and College' started by mom 2 kids and dogs, Nov 11, 2009.

  1. mom 2 kids and dogs

    mom 2 kids and dogs Approved members

    Nov 11, 2009
    Beware of purchasing a DAD from Beth Eden Kennels, formerly in Amarillo Tx, now in Oklahoma City. These dogs are insufficiently trained. Many have been returned for failure to alert, biting, and other issues. No money has been refunded to these people. Several clients claim satisfaction with their dogs but also admit to issues such as inconsistent alerts, growling, pulling on leash, pooping in the house. Alerting alone does not make the dog a Service Dog.
  2. kritter11

    kritter11 New Member

    May 27, 2011

    i'm speaking to someone i Piedmont her name I Ann but I thought she said she was from Texas, I was wanting to see if this might be the same organization? thank you
  3. Flutterby

    Flutterby Approved members

    Nov 11, 2006
    The person that started this thread started it back in nov. 09.. I don't think they've been around here lately.
  4. Dancerwithadog

    Dancerwithadog Approved members

    Jan 17, 2009
    the owner's name is ann, met her at a diabetic alert dog training seminar back in the summer of 2009
  5. nkj2323

    nkj2323 New Member

    Nov 28, 2011
    Hi, I am new to this forum, but not the disease:)

    I am a 46 year old Juv. diabetic. I got my first pump 5 years ago, and there is no better method for a diabetic. So obviously I use Humalog, and yes it is the best product on the market, but takes some getting used to. I also have an alert dog, and He is the best. My life was so blessed once I got Him. He is trained well, and bonded with me right away(2-3 days after introduction).Since I have owned him, 0 paramedic calls. Before getting him. 2-3 times a month easily. I know a lot of people who have dogs for the same purpose, and honestly. The insufficiency usually is the person, or people. Not the dog. I say usually, but not always. Perfection is not obtainable on earth. Just in your mind. Hope all is well with those suffering from the curse! It can get better.....
  6. Tommo

    Tommo Approved members

    Feb 1, 2007
    Hi - sounds very interesting! did you train your dog??
  7. Ronin1966

    Ronin1966 Approved members

    Feb 18, 2010
    Hello NK:

    Ever explored the B.G.A.T. work (Blood Glucose Awareness Training) by Dr. Cox and others out of UVA ? As I understand it they retrain us to re-recognize symptoms we often overlook.

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