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I feel scammed by the Medtronic technology upgrade--not good for kids!

Discussion in 'Parents of Children with Type 1' started by Wendyb, Sep 28, 2013.

  1. Lee

    Lee Approved members

    Oct 5, 2006
    No need to apologize...I am sure I can very easily get an endos note and then fight with MM...it just sucks that we have to - yet again, when I don't for other pumps.
  2. Lexie251

    Lexie251 Approved members

    Oct 9, 2013

    We are officially at 1 year with type 1 diabetes. In may we had an A1C of 5.6 today her A1C was 7.1. I couldn't stop crying. I don't know if it's the one year anniversary and I still fill like she doesn't have it because she is honeymooning or what. But as you posted about the pump our nurse practitioner mentioned one today. I have heard of people for and against them. Was her A1C bad? So they thought we should consider one? Or is it because we're one year diagnosed? Why the push all of a sudden?
  3. Ndiggs

    Ndiggs Approved members

    Nov 9, 2011
    As an FYI and updated, we got a call today from Medtronic letting us know that they received the script for the 530g and Enlites and that they are processed and we should see her new pump in the next 45 days at the longest. Enlites are shipping Friday as they will work with the 523, and we are hoping to get better readings as the soft sensors did not work well on our daughter.

    They ARE honoring the upgrade and there is no cost to us to get the 530g and our daughter is 6.

    Thats where we are at here.
  4. Christopher

    Christopher Approved members

    Nov 20, 2007
    Try not to look at an A1c as being "good" or "bad". It is a snapshot in time, a 3 month window into a lifetime with diabetes. There are many reasons why her A1c went up. Not all of them may be in your control. All you can do is take it one day at a time, one bg at a time. Only you and your daughter can decide if and when she should go on a pump. Using a pump does not automatically mean her A1c will go down. No one here can tell you why the Endo suggested a pump to you. All you can do is look at the pros and cons of using a pump and then decide if it makes sense for your daughter.

    Hang in there.
  5. nanhsot

    nanhsot Approved members

    Feb 20, 2010
    My son's first A1C post diagnosis was 5.6. It's been hovering around 7 (and as high as 8) every single appointment since. It's great to see that low number post diagnosis, but it's not reality, it's with a whole lot of help from the pancreas during honeymoon.

    7.1 is a great number!

    Pumping is something you need to educate yourself on, most MDs bring it up around the 6 month mark, if not sooner. Yours might have mentioned it now because we are approaching the end of a deductible year, it may have everything to do with finances and nothing to do with how you guys are handling things.

    My advice is to begin researching pumps, try to feel, button push, play with some. MDI and pumping are both valid management options and it's important that you understand all your options. Your MDs input was not personal, it was educational.
  6. Momontherun

    Momontherun Approved members

    Nov 25, 2012
    Great news, I hope the new sensors work out. Let us know when the pump arrives. Who are you doing training with.
  7. MomofSweetOne

    MomofSweetOne Approved members

    Aug 28, 2011
    I called Medtronic the other day to voice my concerns. I looked up corporate numbers rather than calling Helpline, and the person who called me back really listened and took notes on the feedback I was giving. It was the first time I've felt listened to by Medtronic, other than by our rep. Tonight I was surprised to get a phone call from Katie Syzman herself. She was very nice and seemed to genuinely listen. I'm feeling hopeful that this release and its furor has been a wake-up call to Medtronic to learn the perspective of their customer base.

    She told me Medtronic is rolling out an offer to buy Dexcoms from Medtronic users as part of the up-grade (I don't remember the details), but I told her at this point I'm not interested until the volume control issue is addressed and that the price of MySentry was what caused us to switch systems. She asked more questions about what I as a parent and my daughter want. I would love to see them bring out a low glucose suspend patch pump with volume choices before my daughter leaves home. That would be our top pick of pumps if it were available when her warranty is up in two years. I'd even hold off buying a pump to get that.

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