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How did you find out about your childs' diabetes?

Discussion in 'Parents of Children with Type 1' started by abacobaby, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. Heather(CA)

    Heather(CA) Approved members

    Jun 18, 2007
    I got remarried May 3rd 2003. A few days before my wedding I was running around with the boys doing errands. The first day I noticed that every time we went to a different store, Seth was saying "I have to go pee" After a few times I was like "Boy, what have you drinking? Slow down, I've got things to do":p (Thank goodness I said it in a teasing way) Then the next day, the same thing again. So, now I'm thinking, ok, somethings wrong, but he was acting fine. The next day, I got married. On Sun. I called my ex to tell him there was something wrong with Seth, so I would bring him the boys after I took Seth to the doc. He said "What! Nooo were going to the lake!" So I said it slower Theeeeeres something wroooong with Seth. Then Seth yells from over hearing in the other room..."I want to go to the lake!

    Since I knew nothing about the possability of it being D, after some begging I let the ex take Seth to the lake...BUT, only after he PROMISED to take him to his reg. Ped. the next day.

    Hubby and I leave for Maui, it was hard to reach the ex until Friday (Six days later) First thing out of my mouth was..."What did the doctor say???
    "Well, um we've been really busy this week":eek: After I chewed him out he promised to take him in after baseball on Sat. Seth started throwing up at baseball, he threw up 6 times from the field to the car:mad: HIs bg was in the 300's at dx'd.

    I got the call about 5pm Maui time. We were leaving the next day at noon. When I got home I packed a backpack and went straight to the Hosp. I was there form Sum. night at midnight until Tues. after dinner...

    If you made it to the bottom, :D
  2. hawkeyegirl

    hawkeyegirl Approved members

    Nov 15, 2007
    Our story sounds very similar to many of yours....

    Our whole family came down with some sort of nasty virus. During Jack's recovery from the virus, he started drinking a lot and getting up in the night two or three times to pee. We took him into the doctor because his ears were hurting, and I asked the ped while we were there about the drinking and peeing. He said, "We see that a lot at this age. It's almost always behavioral. If you're thinking it's diabetes, that's very, very unlikely."

    So we went on for another week, with the drinking, drinking, drinking. I called and spoke to the nurse. She asked how much he was drinking. Good grief. I don't keep track. So she told us to keep track over the weekend and call back on Monday. I called back on Monday and she said, "Oh. That IS a lot." Yeah. I'm not a moron. I know when my kid is drinking A LOT. So she said, Well, the first time we can get him in is next Tuesday. ANOTHER week. If I was smarter at that point, I would have insisted on getting him in that day, but stupidly, I agreed.

    When we went in, they had Jack pee in a cup. The doctor came into the room, and he didn't have to say anything. His face said it all. They did a finger poke, and his sugar was something like 560. They sent us directly to the hospital where we stayed for two nights.

    My heart broke that day, that horrible November 13, 2007, and sometimes I don't know if it will ever truly be repaired. Things are better now, of course, but when I come at Jack with a syringe and he cries, "Please don't hurt me, Mama!", it shatters all over again.
  3. dqmomof3

    dqmomof3 Approved members

    Dec 29, 2007
    Right before Christmas, I noticed that Jayden's breath smelled a little odd to me. She has a lot of dental work and many fillings, so I figured she had another cavity or something...didn't think much about it at the moment. We got through Christmas with relatives, came back home, and I noticed that breath smell again. This time, I knew it was something I recognized but I wasn't quite sure what it was. Took me about 24 hours to figure it out...nail polish remover. Then I did an internet search for acetone breath in a child and diabetes was consisitently what came up. I read that the urine would show ketones if this was the case, so I went to Walgreen's and bought some Ketostix on the night of December 27th. The next morning, when Jayden woke up, I asked her to pee in a cup, and I dipped the urine. It measured "Large" on the bottle, and I knew then what we were dealing with. I called our FP, made an appointment for 4pm that day, went in, they dipped her urine, and then pricked her finger. The meter read "HI" twice, which meant over 600. The PA diagnosed her, then sent us to the local hospital for treatment. We were out in 24 hours and back home. Her A1C was 13.4, which meant this had been going on for quite a while. Once I put the pieces together, I realized that she had been symptomatic for at least six months. The endo's theory is that because Jayden is a competitive gymnast, all of that exercise masked her symptoms and allowed her to experience enough lower sugars to keep her ok. She never was sick. The ketone smell appeared during a three week break from gymnastics - first break she'd had since July.
  4. liasmommy2000

    liasmommy2000 Approved members

    Oct 31, 2006
    OMG, ours is a long story but Lia had been miserable for about three weeks before diagnosis. But since her main symptoms were extreme crankiness/separation anxiety and tummy aches, it took two trips to the doctors and a few phone calls before she was diagnosed. Looking back I can see other symptoms a few months before that even.

    We had to take her to the lab for the blood draw after the second appt as that's how our doctor and insurance do it. They tried to get a urine sample at the doctor's office but Lia couldn't go (I know, go figure!). Took two days to get the results and the doctor's office called me as I was about to leave work that Friday afternoon around 2:30 and told me her lab results indicated juvenile diabetes and we needed to take her to the ER immediately. Lia was at school and I work almost an hour away. I had to call dh who at that time was about twenty minutes away and he flew out of work to get her and take her. I met them there.

    Getting her admitted was not fun. The ER was packed that night for some reason. They didn't even have a little room with a curtain for her and many other people. So she was on a rolling bed in a corridor right by the ambulance entrance. They took blood and urine samples (oh so fun!) and we waited. Then they hooked her up to an iv and called the pediatrician on call (at that time Lia saw our family doctor and she refers her pediatric patients to another office of pediatricians when they are in the hospital). That pediatrician said he thought the care and training for pediatric diabetes patients was better at another local hospital so he wanted her transferred. Ok, we had to then wait for an ambulance and Lia was starving. They gave me some tickets for the cafeteria and told me I could get her food, but nothing too sugary. I figured cake and desserts were out but then was looking at the packages of salad dressing lol. Anyway we got her fed, she enjoyed the ambulance trip and then for some reason we had to go through the ER at the other hospital. Being fairly inexperienced with hosptials and ER's at that time I thought that was normal though extremely frustrating. They finally got her settled in a bed sometime after midnight. The next two days we received training etc. The pediatrician who ordered her transferred came in to see her the next day. He was livid with the hospital as she was supposed to be directly admitted to the second one and we shouldn't have had to go through the ER again. Wish I had known that!

    Anyway that's our story. I could go into the months leading up to that, but I will spare you lol.

    ETA-it was still quite a suprise to us. The last two days I started to wonder but for odd reasons I thought surely it couldn't be. We have no history of it in our family and I didn't even know what a meter was or understood what numbers were high/low etc. Totally clueless!
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  5. GaPeach

    GaPeach Approved members

    Dec 29, 2007
    Melissa was dx'd 01/03/2007. She had been throwing up all night (A stomach virus was making the rounds at church - so we thought it was our household's "turn". )The next morning she looked "grey", was very lethargic and began hallucinating. Thinking she was dehydrated, we took her to the hospital's minor emergency clinic for fluids.

    In a matter of moments, the Dr. came in and said, "Your daughter IS dehydrated, however, we have a bigger problem..." Then he began to explain DKA, helicopter in route to transport her to children's hospital, imminent respiratory failure...

    In retrospect, she was losing weight. We did not notice due to growth spurt. She was sneaking food to her room at night. She was peeing a lot at night. We didn't notice that because it was the Christmas holiday season. She was staying up late with older siblings. We were going to bed before her so we did not notice.

    As parents, we feel real bad that we did not see the signals. Of course when our 8 yr old had an "accident" in bed last night, you can bet that we checked BG this morning for fasting #. (It was OK - for now.) Hopefully, there will not be a "next time".
  6. Mama2H

    Mama2H Approved members

    Oct 19, 2006
    Long story short. Hailey had constant bladder infections for years. Presented as another bladder infection so we treated at home like we had been doing for a couple of years. The final week before dx she was VERY sick. Had an appt with her pedi for friday morning to get antibiotics since pedi and nurse felt that home care without them wasn't working this time. The morning of dx she woke up presenting like apendixis (sp?) so dh rushed her to the ER. Dx of Type 1 was a total shock and surprise, Hailey was in a coma for 2 days. I still have alot of guilt for not pressing the issue with her urologist and ped. In the years before her dx her urine was never checked for sugar. I am certain that her onset was years.
  7. Sallysweets

    Sallysweets Approved members

    Jan 26, 2008
    Andriella was d'xd 9 months ago...my mom and me started to notice that that she was always thirsty and was going to the bathroom a lot. One night I woke up and she was drinking out of the sink, my mom typed the symptoms into the computer and diabetes popped up so I called the ped. and made an appointment to have her checked. They did a urine test and she had 2,000 glucose in her urine. They set us up to meet with the endo the next day. When we got there they did a finger poke her bg was 284 and they told us she had type 1 diabetes. I was shocked even though I thought she might I didn't want to believe it, there is no history of it in our family. Anyway we went downstairs for education classes that day.
  8. momtojess

    momtojess Approved members

    Aug 15, 2007
    Jess was just 11 mths old. She was extra cranky and had a stuffy nose. I noticed this on tues. I waited till friday to take her to the dr. He tested her for strep, and said she just had a virus, it should pass. If she wasnt better by monday make another appt.

    By Saturday evening, she was vomitting brown stuff, her eyes were sunken and dark, and she looked like she has lost a ton of weight overnight. She was really listless. I called the ped, and the oncall told us to take her to the ER right away. At first they were thinking menigitis, but then they came in and said she had diabetes. She went to ICU and we didnt get to see her for 3 hours!! We spent 2 days in ICU, and then 4 days in the diabetes wing learning everything.

    My dh was working 13 hrs away in MS (we were in OH). My mom went with me to the ER, but wasnt in the room when the dr told me. I thought I was gonna pass out. One of the nurses in ICU had a son with D and talked like it was no big deal, life gets easier, etc.. I remember how in the world can she act like it is no big deal.. now 6 yrs later, I understand.
  9. patriot06

    patriot06 Approved members

    Jan 1, 2008
    My son had a serious bout with constipation the day before and so what did DM do----lots of apple juice and apple sauce--looking back i'm thankful it didn't kill him. He had stomach pains but kept telling me he thought he was constipated. By the end of the night i tried the enema and at first it didn't work. I was about to take him to the ER thinking maybe he had a blockage but then he vomitted and then he finally passed a large stool. He then proclaimed he felt "all better". The next morning he said it hurt when he peed so knowing that boys rarely get UTI i took him to the dr. They said no UTI but sugar in the urine. Then they did the finger stick and it was 198. I thought well it's not over 200 so no D. (Both my mom and sister had TI so i already knew the numbers) the next morning they said bring him in for a fasting bg. Once again 105 and once again we all breathed easy. The doctor told me to keep him away from sweets (no problem here because i was always careful about that) 3 weeks later i was told the pedi endo suggested a 2 hour GTT so we did that and since his fasting was 100 and no sugar in the urine we all breathed easy again. The only slightly minor thing was that he mentioned about 1 hour into the test his head felt "slimy" The doctor never called back that day with the results so once again we all breathed easy thinking no news is good news <<<<<wrong>>>>. The next day we were at an amusement park and just finished giving my son a huge elephant ear(probably 200 carbs worth) the phone rang and it was the doctor telling me we were to go to the pedi endo clinic whenever they called me. They still never called it diabetes. That was Dec 20, 2007. Finally on Dec 28 i received a call from the pedi endo telling me to bring my son in for a "visit" little did i know what i was about to hear. I arrived with all the kids in tow. They checked his sugar and it was 65. I couldn't help but laugh thinking "I'm in the wrong office" But.....the endo explained we caught it very early his A1c was 5.9. she said his sugar spike to 335 i hr after drinking the glucose and he started having sugar in his urine. 2 hrs later he was still over 200. The plan was we would just watch (check before every meal and bedtime) and wait to give the insulin. She said we were probably honeymooning. 2 weeks later we started the insulin and have increased it almost every week. Talk about shock and drowning in de-nile. It took unitl i saw his first high of 355 to believe it for myself. Looking back i can remember times of him complaining about his stomach hurting after eating a huge hot pretzel and or pizza and several severe bouts of constipation. But my oldest daughter has struggled with that all her life because she never has the feeling that she needs to go so i thought it was just hereditary. Hindsight is always 20/20 so try not to be overwhelmed with guilt if you missed it.
  10. coconne3

    coconne3 Approved members

    Mar 3, 2007
    diabetes diagnosis

    Even though it's almost verbatim what most of you have said....
    My 3 year old had excessive drinking and peeing. (in fact, her preschool mentioned to me one day that I sent her with an empty juice box:)) but I didn't think anything of it. Then in January we went to the aquarium. She drank 30 oz of liquids in ~30" and I knew something was wrong. Denial is a wonderful thing, I'm an RN. I called my pedi and spoke to the nurse who wanted me to keep accurate count of her drinks over the weekend and call Monday. I was initially willing to do this but then went home and looked for more infrmation on the computer and found out a "yeast infection" was another classic sign. She had had a yeast infection in December that kept coming back. I called them back, demanded an appt that afternoon and in we went. Her sugar in the office was "hi" and then in the ER 794 with an Hcg a1c of 13+. We spent the next 3 days in the hospital both learning her care. she started a pump in Nov. 10m after diagnosis although we still have some high numbers everyone is adjusting. Looking back she hadn't gained any weight since her 3 year physical but she was always on the little side and that's what we attributed it to. she's gained 5-6lb since diagnosis.
    Thanks for listening. Colleen
  11. Abby-Dabby-Doo

    Abby-Dabby-Doo Approved members

    Feb 23, 2007
    In June of 06 Abby started having severe tummy aches. So bad she'd be laying on the floor, panting, with a cold sweat, curled up in a little ball. She had an MRI done with a Pediatrician to rule out a appendicitis, because it was so odd in a child of her age to have a appendicitis. We had x-rays done and they said she had some constipation. Have her drink lots of fluids and add fiber to her diet. After a month of this not improving, the Pediatrician not doing anything else, I took her to my General Doctor. I think Doctors have a pact or something where they don't go against what the other one says. Without an x-ray just a tummy feel, he agreed and said drink lots of fluids and add fiber to the diet.
    By this time I've seen two Dr's and Abby's got some relief but not much. These stomach aches were causing my daughter to come home from school, from daycare, from a friends house, leaving birthday parties early, swimming pool days, and so on. This wasn't NORMAL to me. All the mean time were forcing water on her.
    By November, we get in to see a GI. He walks in the room and does a double take at Abby and states "I've never had a patient this young, and is she small for her age?" After an x-ray and blood work and 3 appointments with this guy I get the same advice- more fluids and fiber. After throwing a mini fit,:mad: telling him this can't be normal- something is wrong! He asks me what I'm afraid of- he's checked for all the bad stuff in the blood, such as cancers, and there is nothing there.
    After 6 months, the two dearest people in my life (mother and DH) are thinking the doctors are right. I need to relax, and this will get better. My DH thinks I'm turning Abby into a hypochondriac, and a whiner because she complains at the littlest things. All this time were shoving water at Abby and she drinks it.
    I took Abby to urgent care in November for a UTI, and the test is negative. Boy I'd like to know the sugar results of that now!!!!!!!!
    After Christmas Abby starts wetting the bed night after night. So we take water away near bedtime now. I catch Abby stealing water from the bathtub spicket with her hair rinse cup:eek:. I'm on the internet at work researching tummy problems day in and day out.
    In January, 7 months later!! I have her back at the Pediatrician because her legs hurt. Aching to the point that she won't walk- it doesn't happen all the time. She feels her legs, asks me if she's had a cold recently. A runny nose, and is pale, but not a cold. She doesn't find anything. It's a Thursday morning, I find out about the drinking a lot, and wetting the bed on the internet about diabetes. I call my husband and ask him to take her to the doctor (I've missed soooooooooooo much work with taking Abby home from stomach aches at school) and have them test for diabetes. His response is "where did I pull that test out of my a@@?". He's read about it on the internet and there is no mention of stomach aches in anything regarding D.:mad:Friday I take her home from daycare early for a stomach ache, she comes home early that night from watching a movie at a friend house because of her tummy.
    Saturday morning it's my birthday, my husband let me sleep in, but I can hear Abby moaning on the couch that she doesn't feel good. I get out of bed, walk in the living room, tell my husband I'm taking a shower and taking Abby to the hospital and I'M NOT LEAVING UNTIL I FIND OUT WHAT'S WRONG WITH HER!!!!!!!! We have a discussion in the car of why I don't just take her to urgent care- I told him I want doctors, tests, IV's, whatever- but I'm not leaving without an answer- they're going to have to call security on me if they try to send us home. 30 minutes after walking in that hospital door she was dxd with D- a blood sugar of 698 and an A1C of 12.6.

    Sorry for the novel!:cwds:
  12. jmcole1

    jmcole1 Approved members

    Nov 8, 2006
    I left my story on the other post about dx during vacations. I will add though - we were so clueless. My husband took our daughter to the hospital (about 30 min away) because I had a one and three year old and no family to take care of them. My husband tells me they took her blood and said come back in an hour. Didn't say what it could be. I'm thinking, maybe she's anemic. I nice little iron pill and she will be as good as new. We joke about this now - but during that hour wait my husband took her to 7-11 for a SLURPEE - the big one! Good thing they had already taken her blood. She was in the 600's at dx. All I rememeber is finally getting to the hospital to see her and being handed this giant grocery bag full of stuff. Here, this is your life now. Now were coming up on six years.


    Mom to: Lauren (15) dx on 4/27/02
    Lindsay (9)
    Shane (7)
  13. MReinhardt

    MReinhardt Approved members

    Dec 29, 2007
    Well, we thought Chell had a bladder infections. Called the Dr. the got her in, they said that she had a slight bladder infection. Looked at the paper hat the nurse had, asked what what does that me, urine glucose was 2000. She just stated that it was a little high, and asked me if I check Chell's sugars at home. Told her "why in the world woul I do that", she than stated "you should be checking her sugars twice a day" duh, why, she just said to start checking.

    Got home, pulled out my Father in Laws metter, tested her sugars, it said 458. My Aunt was staying with me she is from Flordia, she told me to check Chell's sugars in the morning. Morning comes, before she ate, check them, this time we had a reading of 548. Rechecked with another metter, it read 599. I called the dr office, told them I had to meters with different readings, and what do they mean. They put me on hold then gave me to the nurse practicioner, gave the numbers to her, she put me on hold, pulled out Chell's chart, and last lab work, which the regular dr signed off on, then stated; I hate to tell you this over the phone, but your daughter has dibetes, can you bring her in now, bring the meters, and we will check those meters against ours.

    Brought her in, Chells blood sugars at diagnoses were 548, this was May of 2004, lab work that the nurse pulled was Feburary of 2004 showing fasting sugars at 126, they should have been repeated.

    From Sepember 2006-May 2004, I had Chell at the drs office 8 times, because she was complaing of severe stomach aches, paleness, headaches and just not feeling well. Diabetes Should have at least been diagnoses in February 1007. If not several months before that!
  14. Momof4gr8kids

    Momof4gr8kids Approved members

    Sep 3, 2006
    I really think that diabetes manifests itself in so many different ways, and symptoms we notice that our children have can be so different from person to person, plus it's not the most common (type 1) so it's usually not the first thing thought of.

    Julia had been wetting the bed on occasion, and she was waking up a lot at night. I had started working from 8 until midnight though, and thought it was because of that. We didn't typically eat high carb high GI so I think her body was able to keep up easier. Plus she has always been a nibbler. She isn't a very big eater.

    So we went to Carl's JR for our son, Joey's B-day party, and she started drinking regular soda. This was a rare ocurance... I don't even typically buy diet. Within an hour of being there it was obvious that she had type 1 (My DH was dx'd at 6) so we made her start drinking diet, finished the party, took her home and tested on her dad's back up meter. She was HI. I went into shock. I tested over and over and over. I waited and tested some more, got dad's regular meter and tested some more, changed the bottle of strips, tested on both with the same drop of blood... Called my MIL, and finally just took her to the E.R.
    By the time we got to the E.R. she had self corrected and was 130s. They tried sending her home with the dx of a bladder infection, they tried to discredit the home bg testing I had done. I knew better. I asked what her A1C was, and they hadn't checked it. I asked what her C-peptide was and they hadn't checked that either. The only thing they had done was a white blood cell count and a bgl. I insisted they admit her until I either have a good A1C in my hand, or something that proves that she doesn't have D. I also insisted they feed her, even though it was around 11 pm by this time. They let her pick, and luckily she made some pretty good choices that proved she had T1D. She spiked up into the 300's by 1am, and then it was obvious to everyone. While I dx'd her on her brother's B-day I do not count that as her dx date because I don't want to taint his B-Day further, and also the doctor didn't technically say she had D until the next morning during rounds....
    We caught her D pretty quickly considering, she had a trace of ketone, and never lost any weight. Her honeymoon was very strong from the start, and lasted past the 1 yr dx mark.
  15. MamaChrissa

    MamaChrissa Approved members

    Apr 20, 2007
    Just the "usual" peeing and drinking bit here. Now that I look back there was some lethargy and decreased appetite as well, but those were common enough for him. The docs say we caught it very early. He had only been showing signs for a week and his only ever known virus was 5 months previous to dx.
  16. OSUMom

    OSUMom Approved members

    Sep 10, 2006
    I wasn't going to post, but I guess I will. Looking back the first sign was blurry vision then came a hypoglycemic episode where Dean passed out in the middle of the night when he was up going to the bathroom. He had started to go to the bathroom a ton and drinking a ton. I hadn't really noticed and he hadn't really informed me. At 18 he's out and about doing his own thing. You see he was graduating from high school and it was a very busy time. The day of graduation here, his left eyelid was all swollen, I don't know what was up with that but I wonder if it was somehow related to the diabetes.

    He also began a life-guarding job something he had always wanted to do (after diagnosis he had to quit this as we got everything under control). He was life guarding at Kings Island. So when he told me he was drinking a ton, I thought well he's out in the sun and of course you'll be thirsty. I had noticed he had started losing weight, but he would put me off. Finally from graduation photos he told me he had lost 20 pounds. That was the defining moment for me. Though no one was backing me, I insisted on going to the doctor and even prior to that having blood work done so we had it there at the appointment. At the appointment, the doctor looked at his the blood work paper as did I - "Diabetes" was written and tears filled my eyes. I was trying to be strong for Dean.

    Believe or not, from there the doctor sent us home - no insulin no anything! Behind the scenes he was conferring with an endocrinologist and then he called us to go to the ER. At that point, we picked Dean up from his other restaurant job and off we went to the hospital to find his blood sugar over 1,000 and the learning curve began. :cwds: I hope you don't mind me posting the graduation photo. He's here with his grandma. It makes me teary looking at the picture, and look at that short hair- that's long gone now!!! :cwds::D
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  17. M&MMOM

    M&MMOM Approved members

    Jan 3, 2008
    Max was diagnosed six years ago when he was 2 1/2. I was in the process of potty training and so when he kept wetting thru diapers I just thought, "He's getting too big for diapers." The week he was diagnosed, I called the pediatricians office every day saying something isn't right. He would wake up and eat and go right back to sleep. He was a limp noodle. They kept saying, "No fever??? Just keep watching him...He is so healthy, don't worry." Finally by Thursday night his breathing was erratic and my husband was out of town and I was freaked. We went to the ped's office which was open late that night. Still the ped had NO clue what was wrong. She nebbed him for his breathing (which I am sure made his BS even higher!) and then sent us to Children's with her hands in the air.

    The nurse checking us in knew the minute she saw Max, and said he's in
    DKA . He has diabetes.... I think his blood sugar was 1050!

    Needless to say, I don't see that PED anymore but I do know since Max, that office has caught other kids quicker because of what we went thru!
  18. Emmasmommy

    Emmasmommy Approved members

    Jan 24, 2007
    Emma had been drinking like she had never had a drink in her life! She would drink all her milk and start drink her sisters milk and then on to whatever else she could get her little hands on! She could blow through a diaper before getting up from a nap and she had a number of yeast infections that just would not go away! I had taken Emma to the doctors a number of time and he would tell me that there was no way she had D for a number of reasons A- shes to young (12 months at that point) B- She would be alot sicker vomiting ext and the list that he came up with went on and on. On November 11th 2005 I took Emma in to the Doctor for a pre op (she also has club feet was was to be in the OR on Dec 5th) and once again I told him about everything that was going on and that I really thought she had D Once again I was told that I was nuts even though Her Hands and Feet were VARY BLUE he said that she had hyper sensitive vaines and if she had D she would be a lot sicker. The very next day Emma got up and she was grabbing at whatever she could get her hands on to drink and then she would vomit! Her whole body was now blue Head to Toe she looked like death. I took her into the ER where they also felt that she was WAY TO YOUNG to have D and wouldnt listen to me I had to Remove Emma from the ER bed and YELL that I was not letting them start the IV untill they had checked her sugar (They wanted an IV start ASAP because she was "extramly dehydrated and hypo thermic heating blankets and all!) after the Doc talked to the nurses they said to the lab tech that was taking blood "Check the babys sugar so we can shut the mother up and get to the bottem of what is really going on with this baby". Well next thing I knew everyone was gone and I was left sitting there until an ICU nurse came and got us to take us to the ICU and she then told me what was going on and that he sugar was 74 (1332ish).

    Thats how it all started if only they would have listend to be months before that she wouldnt have had to get so sick!
  19. Momof4gr8kids

    Momof4gr8kids Approved members

    Sep 3, 2006
    Laurie, Thanks for posting! You know, just cause Dean is at college doesn't mean that you're not one of us. You are, dear. Sad to say it, but it is true. I know you worry about Dean just as much as I worry about Julia. I don't think the stage you are at with Dean is easy either. I am really scared of young adulthood. Thanks for posting the pic, too.
  20. Boo

    Boo Approved members

    Jan 6, 2006
    Our Dx story is very similar to many others. My son was 8 at the time. It was spring, and the weather was getting warmer. Baseball season had started. In hindsight, we spent a good 2-3 weeks chalking up his symptoms (thirst and excessive urination) to the fact that he was more active and it was getting hot out. He was at school all day, and at home was pretty self-sufficient in the bathroom :p, so I suppose I wasn't as aware that it was as frequent as it was.

    It started getting harder to ignore when he would need to leave in the middle of his baseball games to use the bathroom. On his way back to the dugout, he'd refill his huge water bottle. :rolleyes: Then, he started getting up at night to pee. We just thought that was due to the extra fluids during the evening games and practices. Eventually it was several times a night, and then, he started not making it to the toilet. (That was fun cleaning up several times a night!! Of course, he was half asleep and probably embarrassed by it, and kept insisting it wasn't him that left the pee trail :D)

    Andy was scheduled to go to an 2 week (overnight) camp the following month (where there are no bathrooms inside the cabins). I told my husband that I was making a doctor's appointment for him to rule out anything serious, and that we couldn't send him to camp if he continued peeing like that every night. My husband thought we just needed to limit the liquids after dinner, but I knew we couldn't take that away from him during an evening baseball game in 80 degree weather when he is sweating and complaining of being thirsty. My husband (who is great, by the way) scoffed at me when I said it could be diabetes. I kind of thought I was being a ridiculous worry wort too. I have no clue how I even knew that diabetes was a possibility!?

    Imagine our surprise!

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