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Help needed from cgm/sensor users

Discussion in 'UK' started by SPS, May 10, 2011.

  1. SPS

    SPS Approved members

    Mar 10, 2011
    We have just asked our Doctor to apply for an insulin pump with integrated CGMs for our daughter Georgia age 10 due to her hypo unawareness. We wondered if anyone could help us?

    He has asked us for the following info:-

    Re CGMS ? I had brief discuss with children?s commissioner, Swindon PCT on 4th May when I met her in regional meeting. She has asked me to get more details about this. PCT would like to know the evidence, current or best practise in this field (what other centres are doing) and costs.

    I will have to work on these points before I could submit any request. This does mean extra time to get the relevant information from other centres managing children with diabetes.

    Meanwhile if you have points (parents? own perspective, other family?s experiences, etc) to support CGMS for Georgia then please send all information to me via post (hard copy). This might help us to make a strong case for the CGMS

    If anyone could let us know any positive experiences or have any data to share it would be very much appreciated.

    Email spselley@hotmail.com

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