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Discussion in 'Parents Off Topic' started by emm142, Apr 7, 2015.

  1. emm142

    emm142 Approved members

    Sep 7, 2008
    Hi everyone I know from before, and everyone who's joined in the past couple of years. I've been absent for a while, life's been busy!!

    I've become a parent of sorts to an almost-7 year old, L. He's the son of my long-term partner, and I've been in his life for a long time now, so he christened me his "step-mum" a while ago (and has now listed the various step-relations between him and the rest of my family!). I didn't really imagine my first taste of parenthood being with a kid I met when he was 3, but I wouldn't have it any other way. It's funny, people describe the love that happens after giving birth to a child and how it comes on all of a sudden, and that's obviously not the way it works when you pick up parenthood gradually. But it feels like it's been such a natural process and I love him to the moon and back. It's been a learning curve but totally worth it!

    I also graduated from Cambridge with a degree in Natural Sciences in June. It was a massive achievement for me to get through the year, especially since my mum had cancer and I had psychiatric and other medical issues, but I did it. I'm now a fully-fledged working adult, sort of. I work for the university, in psychology research. It involves about 60% research work in the office and at home (reading/writing papers, doing stats, etc.) and 40% travelling to primary and secondary schools to work directly with children. I'm in educational neuroscience, looking at why some children feel really anxious about doing math and math-related subjects. It's good fun and been an amazing first full-time job. I'm hoping to get a similar post once my contract runs out in August (it was fixed-term for a year) and then apply for PhDs starting in the 2016-17 academic year. Having a job is great but I look forward to being (almost) totally self-directed again!

    Diabetes is hard but I'm plugging along. It's so funny how much L has picked up about it - he likes to test my blood sugar (basically just push the button on the multiclix) and guess what it's going to be. Occasionally he puts his candy in the cupboard with my low BG stuff in ("for your low blood sugar medicine"), which is very cute. And he says "you got very sick when you were 14 but then you got medicine and it made your glucose go into your cells for energy" which is really perfect! He loves science and is excited when I let him check his BG (every few months!). :)

    Here's a photo of me and L so you can all appreciate the cute :D


    I'd love some updates on how people here are doing, if you have time to reply!
  2. Christopher

    Christopher Approved members

    Nov 20, 2007
    I just wanted to say congratulations, on a bunch of things I guess. Surviving Cambridge, graduating, become a "working adult", battling through numerous personal and family issues, etc. You have shown you are a very tough and resilient person.

    L is extremely cute and sounds very smart and like he may have a future in science??? Finally I just wanted to say thank you for sharing, not only this but for all the past years. It has been very valuable for us as parents of children with Type 1 diabetes to see how someone navigates the world with this illness once they are on their own, the successes, the challenges, all those types of things. I for one very much appreciate you being so open.

    Good luck with everything now and in the future!
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2015
  3. caspi

    caspi Approved members

    Oct 11, 2006

    So good to hear from you! It sounds like you are in a really good place and I'm so happy to hear it. Congratulations on graduating from Cambridge and for your new job. It sounds really interesting. L sounds like a great kid and he's lucky to have you! Christopher is right - we have learned so much from your experiences and I thank you for sharing them with us.

    You are a poster child for not letting Type 1 deter you from working hard and achieving your goals. PLEASE keep in touch from time to time - you know all of your adopted online Moms and Dads are rooting for you! xx
  4. Beach bum

    Beach bum Approved members

    Nov 17, 2005
    Emma, you've been very busy since we last heard from you!
    Glad things are going well, and congrats on sticking with your studies. What you are working on sounds very interesting (my daughter would have been a perfect candidate, she was diagnosed with math anxiety). Things sound like while a challenge, have been going really well for you. The new addition to your life is a cutie!

    Best of luck in everything and don't forget us here, check back every once in a while :)
  5. Sarah Maddie's Mom

    Sarah Maddie's Mom Approved members

    Sep 23, 2007
    Hi Emma!!

    You should be so proud of yourself! I know that those of us who have been chatting with you over the years are proud of you. :)

    That little girl you met in London is busy applying to college, and driving ;) Maddie's hoping to study chemistry and possibly neuro and psych. Maybe your paths will cross again some day.

    Your little one is adorable. Glad you posted and gave us all an update.

    Keep us in the loop!
  6. mmgirls

    mmgirls Approved members

    Nov 28, 2008
    Wow, you surely have been living your life while away. Congratulations on your family life, you look so happy!
  7. Ali

    Ali Approved members

    Aug 1, 2006
    Thank you so much for checking in and updating You sound wonderful. Life is busy for you! That is great. So happy that you are finding ways to manage all the parts of your life. Your child is very cute. Having adopted an older child I can assure you that the love for a child or frankly any other person is not based on genetics. A step parent has a bit more difficult place to work from but is sounds as though you are figuring it all out with your partner. Family is wonderful. Best to all your future years. Take care. Ali

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