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Guiding Principles for Grandparents of T1D Kids

Discussion in 'Grandparents' started by Jay R, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. Jay R

    Jay R Moderator

    Apr 30, 2013
    As grandparents we understand the roles we can play in the lives of our children and those of our grandchildren with Type 1 Diabetes. What is especially critical is how we can begin to adapt to our "new normal" worlds after a diagnosis has been made - how we can begin to help without being a burden on our children.

    Based on our collective experiences, we have developed guidelines to help our peers. We are sharing them (below) with the hope that you will share them with your families and strengthen your assault on managing T1D.

    1. A T1D diagnosis is no one?s fault, so focus on the present.

    2. Grandparents are parents, too. Start by providing emotional support for your children.

    3. Trust that you did a great job raising your children, and that they, in turn, are terrific parents.

    4. Early on T1D is new to your family. No one knows yet what to do or how, so be patient.

    5. Be a part of the solution. In due time, follow your children?s lead and guidance. With their assistance determine how involved you should become in providing care for your grandchild.

    6. Learn about T1D. While based on science, T1D management involves a lot of art helped by your family?s experiences and knowing what does/doesn?t work and when.

    7. The amount of T1D information on the Internet is overwhelming, and it?s not all accurate and helpful. Your grandchild?s medical team is the best source for initial training and references to online data.

    8. Stay current on caregiving. Communicate frequently among your family members.

    9. Respect your grandchild?s wishes. Be sensitive to dealing with T1D in public and that over time he/she will become a more independent caregiver. No matter your role in treatment, you will always be instrumental in your grandchild leading a normal life.

    10. Be prepared to hear disturbing comments from people uneducated about T1D. That?s another reason why learning as much as you can about the disease is so important.

    Please join our Grandparents of T1D Kids group at:


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