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Follow up review of Medtronic Mysentry

Discussion in 'Other Diabetes Products' started by mibk, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. mibk

    mibk New Member

    Mar 26, 2012
    Here are the reasons why I have return my Mysentry. Take note if you do want to have it, TRIAL it first before buying it. Ask your rep if you can. If you bought it and want to return it back, Just remember, you need your reps approval to have it return. If your reps approved,it will be at least a month before you see your money back.As it stands, I'm still waiting for mine. Here's the letter I've sent to my rep for returning.Costs: $ 3,000.00 for the product, $ 2,400.00 with discount.

    Thanks for E-mailing me back. I think I have high expectations for this product for the price and in comparison to other electronic product that is out.

    But first, thanks for all you do, We love the pump and the cgm. Brianna adjusted quite well and takes responsibility using the pump with cgm. We bought different style of waist bands to secure the pump and she wears them proudly.

    Normally, everytime I buy a product, I usually look at reviews from owners. Since this is a new product, there's not much reviews out there to make inform decision.

    So, here's mine:

    1.The product needs On and Off button. Every product has on and off button. Unplugging each time is very inconvenient. Pressing the silence button 2x still has the monitor on all through out the day.What is the lifespan of the monitor like TV before it goes black?

    2. The outpost bar-the bars should be functional to know the signal strength not just cosmetic purposes. The outpost bar light when plug in all day, what is the lifespan of the light before replacing it. This should also have a switch for on and off.

    3.Brightness-I have adjusted the brightness light and monitor all the way down to 1 bar and still as bright.
    4.Alarms "Unable to find pump "in the middle of the night then in a couple of minutes it will come back while in the process I'm rechecking for connections from the monitor and pump and now awake.

    5. The alarms still goes after corrections-CGM plays a role here.Sometimes, when BS>250, I do correction, in 2 hours or so alarm goes. Tendency to overcorrect, rather than just leaving it alone.

    6. Signal strength of the outpost bar should be the same as the cordless phone, which covers the whole house. Not just 6 feet of where she is at.

    I know this is a new product and takes time to get used to but for what it costs to families, it's very expensive. It fall short on the premises of what it should provide for their peace of mind .

    Again, I love medtronics product and still would recommend you as a company but this product needs improvement and hope you can make it affordable to other families that really needs it the most.

    Most people now have Ipads-Medtronic should have relationship with Apple and share the software for the mysentry. The diabetic families can buy the apps at affordable price.

    What do you think?

    Things normally happen outside the box.................



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