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field trips, how do you handle?

Discussion in 'Parents of Children with Type 1' started by sam1nat2, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. sam1nat2

    sam1nat2 Approved members

    Jan 24, 2007
    Today ds had his first field trip while on the pump. The school freaked out a bit since no one who was certified to check his blood was available to go. He was just going to a play and would be back at school before lunch. I ended up going, but had to take dd with me.
    We have another field trip coming up, but it is a hiking trip and I can't take dd with for that one. I told the school that since they may be outside of cell phone range that I would send my husband or father inlaw (who also pumps).
    I know it isn't an issue with ds right now, but I don't want it to be an issue in the future with me coming along.

    Should I push for them to bring a nurse along? I don't want to create problems as the school has been great. In fact, one mom of a D kid took a job part time at the school a few years ago just so she would have the chance to educate the staff on the D kids. We have 5 T1D's at school and a type 3 too.
  2. Treysmom

    Treysmom Approved members

    Sep 23, 2006
    We went on our 1st field trip today w/ D. I asked one of the school nurses this morning about this very subject . What if I could'nt go?

    She said there are p/t nurses that could have gone if needed most days. BUT not today. Actually she was going to be the only school nurse today @ school for 1600 kids:eek: .

    There was some sort of meeting today that is why no one could go today. I just found out today that I will be going on all of Treys field trips for awhile.
  3. MLH

    MLH Approved members

    Mar 22, 2007
    Field Trips

    They have to provide a trained person if you can't go. However, I go on the trips. Unless my nurse was going, I wouldn't want someone who just dealt with d on a once in awhile basis. If I couldn't go I would want it to be someone I picked to go. Not the school.

    This is such a sticky one. I know everyone is in a different situation and may not be able to go. This is how we handle it.

    Good Luck!

    Michele[ mom of
    AGH 9 dx'd 5 pumper MM522 soon to be on minilink and
    LMH 6 non D, the one who makes me laugh/COLOR]
  4. MrsBadshoe

    MrsBadshoe Super Moderator

    Aug 8, 2006
    do you have 504? If you do it should specify that the school will provide someone to go on field trips if you aren't able or (don't want to..)
  5. sam1nat2

    sam1nat2 Approved members

    Jan 24, 2007
    I don't have a 504 right now. It really hasn't been an issue since I work from home and the school is literally a mile away. I'm confident in how they monitor him in school and I'm hoping that when we get the cgms, it will be even easier.
  6. piratelight

    piratelight Approved members

    Nov 1, 2006
    If I can't go then the school gets a nurse for the trip. We have done both, there have been times I could go and times I could not go.
  7. caspi

    caspi Approved members

    Oct 11, 2006
    Our school district requires that if I am unable to go, the school nurse has to go. Also, on days when the school nurse is absent, they require another real nurse to substitute - not just a person. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out this information. Apparently our school has a number of students with special medical needs (although Cam is the only one right now with D).
  8. Twinklet

    Twinklet Approved members

    Jun 29, 2006
    I go on the trips with her. We are getting to the age, though, where she may be able to handle herself with some pre-planning. This next week the class is going to tour a chocolate factory (!!!) and then to Wendy's for lunch. I may have sent her if it was only Wendy's, because I can program the meals into her pump. But the chocolate factory?! NO way, not quite yet! :cwds:
  9. Mom2Madi

    Mom2Madi Guest

    My daughter is the only Diabetic in a school of 1200 kids. One school nurse. I asked for a 504 and was told I didn't need one, they'd accomodate all my needs but I insisted on one just in case. You never know if they'd change school personnel or something would come up. Mine is very simple....a couple of paragraphs. It states if I can't go on field trips that someone trained in D care will go. And if I do go I can ride the school bus. You can e-mail me privately if you'd like a copy. I've never had to really use anything in the 504 but I'm just glad it's in place. The school nurse trained my daughter's 4th grade teacher in D care and Glucagon just in case I couldn't go on field trips.
  10. Amy C.

    Amy C. Approved members

    Oct 22, 2005
    My son attends a private school that does not have a nurse. In PK and elementary school, I went on most of my son's field trips. Some of the trips were not very long and not during a meal, so I didn't always go. On these occasions, the teacher would watch out for symptoms of a low sugar and carry the juice in case it was needed. In 7th grade, the field trips drop off dramatically.
  11. allisa

    allisa Approved members

    Jan 13, 2006
    Our district also has the policy that if I can't go the nurse will go. I am usually able to go ( as Ty HATES the idea of having the nurse along JUST for him !)

    I am usually glad I have gone, as he seems to run a bit low and need some extra attention that may be hard for the teacher to stop & give.

    His last few fieldtrips have been small and local ( plays in the area) leave school by 8:30 and back to school by 11 ( before lunch ) We discussed it and decided to let him try solo.....and it has worked fine....he brings a small backpack with his meter and emergency snacks...he keeps with him at all times....and handles his own stuff.....

    I would only feel comfortable doing this on these small field trips and it has boosted his confidence. Everything in baby steps.....for now.....sounds like you are doing just what you need to....

    PS.....type 3 diabetes ?? Was that a typo ? Did you mean type 2 or is there a new diabetes I don't know about yet ??:eek:
  12. cydnimom

    cydnimom Approved members

    Nov 8, 2005
    I have to go on field trips that go over the whole day. If I don't go, then Ryan can't go. There is no one to give him his noon needle. I have asked the teacher to give me at least a months notice so that my dh and I can work out taking time off.

    Where we are there is one health nurse that travels between about 8 -10 schools.
  13. bogusrogus

    bogusrogus Approved members

    Oct 1, 2006
    Since Haley is only in Head Start, a nurse goes to all field trips. Whether or not Haley is going, it's just mandatory. There is another child with D in the next class, so when the trips a split into two days(half of the classes go one day, the other half the next) the school makes sure that both girls go on the same day.
  14. Tamara Gamble

    Tamara Gamble Approved members

    Jul 28, 2006
    I don't go. Tyler is twelve and would rather eat a rat than have me tag along. The school has to supply someone trained and qualified to care for your child. You should have this in a 504. Whether or not you have a 504 they are still supposed to provide someone, it's just if you have a 504 it's alot more enforcable.


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