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Families with Multiple Type 1's

Discussion in 'Adults with Type 1' started by T1Spouse&Proud, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. Brensdad

    Brensdad Approved members

    Dec 27, 2005
    I am type 1. My daughter is type 1. My cousin is type 1.

    My wife's dad died of T1 complications at age 30. Her aunt (her dad's sister) is also type 1.
  2. yeswe'rebothD

    yeswe'rebothD Approved members

    Apr 4, 2007
    I should have added, my dad's dad is the only one deceased so far.
  3. momandwifeoftype1s

    momandwifeoftype1s Approved members

    Mar 4, 2008
    My older son is type-1 diabetic, diagnosed at age 5
    My younger son is not diabetic
    My husband is type-1 diabetic, diagnosed at age 15
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2009
  4. Caydens_Mommy

    Caydens_Mommy Approved members

    Mar 24, 2008
    My dh has type 1 since he was 6 months old
    My son type 1 since he was 2
    My grandmother had type 1 (she passed due to complications)
  5. AmberO

    AmberO Approved members

    Oct 31, 2005
    My identical twin was dx with type 1 at 13 months of age. She passed away 7 years ago when we were 25 (due to complications).

    My brother was dx type 1 at the age of 2 years 4 months.

    My daughter was dx type 1 at the age of 2 years 4 months also.

    My mother was dx type 2 a month after my sister died (which was recently seen as a misdiagnosed and is now classed as 1.5)

    My dads mother was type 2 and my husbands grandmother was type 2.

    Back in the early 80's, my family participated in a twin study/gene study. It was shown that I had the same D gene markers as my sister.
  6. Type 1

    Type 1 New Member

    Apr 29, 2009
    I think that a big mistake is that people assume that they don't have 'genetic disposition' to '(Type 1) diabetes' because they don't have a family history.

    But if you included the other related autoimmune diseases that all share the same genetic disposition (Rheumatoid Arthitis, Lupus, MS, Celiac, Thyroiditis, Grave's, Addison's,etc.), I am more than willing to bet that more than 10-20% of us have a 'family history'.

    The simple fact is, for most of us, genetics play a role in Type 1. Clinical autoimmunity and related disease is not a natural state that just happens in otherwise normal people. If you are born with a specific set of genes (that can easily run in families), and you are exposed to trigger 'x', you will get Type 1. Type 1 is often stated incorrectly to be either 'genetic' or 'not genetic'. Really, it is both. Genetics and a trigger (for most cases) are required for all autoimmune disease, and T1 is no exception.

    Since the genetics and triggers seem to be complex, it is also not unheard of for only one person in a family to develop the disease. Some families may share a stronger genetic disposition and/or trigger exposure over others.

    I have multiple severe autoimmune diseases throughout my immediate AND distant family (including 5 cases of T1), and a VERY strong disposition. As such, I have decided not to have children. And I would never have children with someone with a history of diabetes in their family or autoimmunity (or any other disease) if I somehow lost my mind and decided to procreate. Sorry, but that's just irresponsible to your future children if you have a strong family history. I'm not saying everyone needs to think this way, but I definitely do. I living proof of why some people shouldn't have kids. I have 4 autoimmune diseases and I'm not even 30....it's sad really. Sick people often breed sick kids...so no kids for me.:p
  7. Kent T

    Kent T Approved members

    Nov 24, 2007
    I have Type I D, my wife and her twin brother have T 1 D, both adopted DS have T 1 D. All 5 of us pump (with Animas). All 5 of us also have spina bifida and many allergies. Latex included. Wife, Twin Brother, and DS'es are Scandinavian.
  8. cockatiel

    cockatiel Approved members

    Apr 25, 2008
    Dh has T1D
    We have four children ages 13 - 20. The youngest was diagnosed w/ D a year ago.

    A first cousin of MINE has it.

    On dh's side (lots of siblings there!) -- mild asthma but no other autoimmune of any kind.
  9. starlittbobo

    starlittbobo New Member

    Jul 24, 2009
    I agree I am a 32 y/old type 1 diabetic and I have 2 daughters that have type 1 as well
  10. Kalebsmom

    Kalebsmom Approved members

    Aug 29, 2008
    As far as we know Kaleb is the only Type 1 on either side. However, my mom does have MS.
  11. Mike&Dans.Mom

    Mike&Dans.Mom Approved members

    Apr 2, 2009
    My two sons have type 1.
    My ex remarried and has a son who also has type1.
    I am convinced that genetics are involved.
    Three sons from 2 different mom's - what are the odds??
  12. tiffanie1717

    tiffanie1717 Approved members

    May 16, 2008
    I respect your opinion. I don't agree, though.

    To me a child is more than a health history. I wouldn't trade my D children in for ANYTHING. And if they had 5 more diseases I would still be grateful to God for giving them to me and for how much they have enriched my life.


    Original poster: DD was dx 5/08, DS was dx on 2/09, No history of T1 in family, T2 is present on both sides in grandparents, DH has Crohn's Disease
  13. redcurls3

    redcurls3 Approved members

    Jan 1, 2006
    I know I'm late to this post but thought it was interesting some of the diseases that have been listed. Both of my children have a definite genetic type of diabetes. They have a very rare but specific gene mutation that causes their Neonatal Diabetes. Although it is different from Type 1 in that it can be treated with glyburide pills instead of insulin. However, my husband's family has several of the autoimmune disorders listed in other posts.

    Husband's family history:
    Older sister has Grave's disease
    Younger sister has hypothyroid
    Father has hypothyroid
    Both Grandmothers had Type 2 Diabetes

    My family history:
    Grandmother, Grandfather, and Father all have Obesity related Type 2
  14. actualreality86

    actualreality86 Approved members

    Nov 9, 2009
    I know this is targeted more towards parents, but my family history is very interesting.

    My father diagnosed 2 weeks after I was born in 1986 with T2
    I was diagnosed in 1999 with T1

    My father's great aunt was diagnosed with T2 in 2002

    I don't know when my father's step mother was diagnosed, but she was either a T1 or T1.5 LADA because she took both pills and insulin.

    The only one blood related to my father was his great aunt and myself. My father was adopted [his biological mother's second husband] and we don't know the history of his biological father, nor do we want to have anything to do with the biological father.. To us his mum's second husband has always been my father's father despite the adoptive part.
  15. vzx899

    vzx899 New Member

    Nov 11, 2009
    Four T1 kids in my family

    I am the 4th of six kids in my family and was diagnosed with T1 Diabetes since 1973 at the age of 10. By that time my older brother and older sister had already been diagnosed a few years earlier. My brother at age 11 and my sister at age 9. My youngest sister was then diagnosed when she was 14.
    We were fortunate to attend several sessions in a summer camp (Joslin for boys and Clara Barton for girls) in Massachusets. Neither my father, nor my mother had diabetes. We grew up in Mexico, but now I live in the US. My father passed away several years ago (brain tumor), but did not have diabetes and my mother 74 does not have diabetes, so I am sure there was something in their genes. All of us kids got married and have children. I personally have 3 children, and so far they do not have diabetes. My 2 sisters and my brother have 2 kids each and fortunately they have not developed dibetes. We are all in good health, even though, we have had diabetes for more than 30 years. We are all controlled with 2 or 3 daily insulin shots.

  16. rachel20091982

    rachel20091982 Approved members

    Nov 1, 2009
    i am type 1 dx 03-02 at 19. (due to medical complication from a surgery) I also have hypothyroid

    I could go on forever with all the auto immune disses in my family it is amazing. my mom is type 2.

    My kids A1c are check yearly and their bg checked 2x a month at least. daughter 5yr and son 2yr. both non-D hope it stays that way.
  17. jenyeaz

    jenyeaz New Member

    Nov 20, 2009
    Well the understanding that I have is Type 1 Diabetes is NOT genetic... but Auto Immune diseases are... and Type 1 Diabetes is an Auto Immune disorder, along with many other conditions. To have an auto immune disease both your mom and your dads side has to have an auto immune disease it can't be passed down from only one side of the family is HAS TO BE both! For example: on my moms side of the family there are 3 cases of auto immune disorders, while on my dads side there is only one. So my older sister and I both have auto immune diseases. I have Type 1 Diabetes (diagnosed at age 14) and Addisons Disease, along with low blood pressure, and my doctor is worried about my thyroid as well. While my sister also has Addisons Disease (it's extremely rare about 1 in 500,000) and has Thyroid problems as well. I hope this helps, my doctor has been doing a lot of studying on my family line and this is what we've come across so far. =]

  18. Ellen

    Ellen Senior Member

    Oct 22, 2005

    There are genes which have been identified for type 1 diabetes and genes that have been identified for type 2 diabetes. Here are a couple of links if you are interested in learning more.

    http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/bookshelf/picrender.fcgi?book=diabetes&part=A987&blobtype=pdf Genetic Factors in Type 1 Diabetes

    https://www.t1dgc.org/home.cfm Type 1 Diabetes Genetics Consortium

    http://jcem.endojournals.org/cgi/content/abstract/jc.2008-1345v1 THE GENETICS OF TYPE 2 DIABETES: A REALISTIC APPRAISAL CIRCA 2008
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2009
  19. majava

    majava Approved members

    Nov 30, 2009
    I agree.

    Both me (54 now) and my oldest son (24 now) became Type One diabetics as children.
  20. melanieb0901

    melanieb0901 New Member

    Dec 9, 2009
    DM1 and genetics

    My son was dx at age 5 (01/09) with DM1 and interesting enough I was just dx as DM1 at age 37. I was originally dx as DM2 (at an urgent care) due to my age, but I insisted that I did not meet the criteria. I was started on glucophage with no reduction in my bs. About a week later, I went to my PCP and insisted on being tested for GAD antibodies, c-peptide and islet antibodies. Sure enough I tested positive for GAD antibodies indicating that I had Type 1. So if anyone out there does not meet the criteria for type 2(obese, hypertension, sedentary life style, high lipids, etc...) insist on being tested. If I had not insisted on it, I would still be taking glucophage and probably would have been in DKA.

    There is genetics involved, but it takes something to "turn on" those genes, such as a virus or other illness.

    Me dx 11/07/09 type 2 and correctly dx as type 1 on 11/19/09 humolog/lantus
    Ty dx 01/15/09 novolog/lantus NPH on during school :)

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