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False Positives and Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

Discussion in 'Celiac' started by Chippy28, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. Chippy28

    Chippy28 Approved members

    Sep 24, 2008
    I saw my endo last Friday and mentioned that my insulin allergy symptoms had recently flared up. This flare coincided with a increase in my sinus/seasonal allergy symptoms. (I was tested last year for environmental allergies which all came back negative.) My wonderful endo suggested that my symptoms might be related to food intolerances and decided to run a basic celiac screen. I haven't spoken to my endo yet, but I did receive the results from the lab today:

    tTG, IgA came back at 72.7 with <20 being negative, 20-30 being weakly positive, and >30 being positive.

    Tissue transglutaminase, IgG came back at 5 which was within the normal limits of 0-19.

    What are the chances that my tTG, IgA result is a false positive? I have read that having type 1 diabetes increases this chance. Would the false positive come back more in the 20-30 range? I am assuming that my endo will refer me to a GI for further testing, but I am trying to prepare myself for a celiac dx.

    Also, those that have gone GF and have dealt with sinus and/or seasonal allergy type symptoms that last year round, did the GF diet help eliminate your allergy symptoms?


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