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Dublin Marathon for a Cure

Discussion in 'Fundraising Activities' started by danismom79, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. danismom79

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    Apr 21, 2008
    Posting this from Bernard Farrell's blog:

    Dear Friends & Family:

    On October 27, 2008 my wife Ann Marie, brother Dennis & I will be running the Adidas Dublin Marathon [and my daughter Benna will be running the half-marathon (13.1)]. We will run each step of the 26.2 miles knowing that it is much more difficult for a child with juvenile diabetes (type 1 diabetes) to take insulin shots each day, to count each carbohydrate that she or he eats and to finger prick for blood sugars around the clock than it is to complete a marathon.

    Three years ago we ran (along with Ray DeRosas) the 2005 New York City Marathon to raise funds for Dr. Denise Faustman and thanks to your generosity we raised almost $20,000.00. We will again run in honor of daughter/niece Grace Callahan and friends Alex O’Donovan, Jared Darnell, Lian McDonough, Oona Sullivan, Merry Morrison, Reilly White and Nicholas Killoran, all children who have juvenile diabetes.

    People with type 1 diabetes require daily injections of insulin and blood glucose monitoring many times a day to try and control their blood sugar levels. High blood sugars levels increases the risk of diabetes complications like blindness, kidney disease and other health issues.

    Thanks to donations and support from folks like you Dr. Faustman started a phase 1 human clinical trial on her approach for a diabetes cure. In 2009 she is planning to start phase 2 trials for this possible cure, and that phase will cost about $25 million.

    Please consider making a donation to support Dr. Faustman's human clinical trials. There is no dollar amount that is too big or too small. Every penny goes directly to Dr. Faustman's exciting research.

    You can sponsor us for any amount in one of two ways.

    1. Make out a check to Massachusetts General Hospital and put Dr. Faustman Type 1 research in the memo field. Then send it to me at
    Brian Callahan, 77 Dover Street, Medford, MA 02155

    2. Or you can donate directly online to Mass. General hospital here. In this case, please let me know how much you've donated, so I can see if we can reach our goal.

    Your donation is tax-deductible and I will acknowledge it on our Dublin Marathon web page.

    I know there are lots of demands for your charitable dollars especially in tough economic times so any help you can provide us will be truly appreciated. One way you can help is to forward this email to anyone who may have a diabetic in their family.

    Thank you,

    Brian, Ann Marie, Dennis & Brenna

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