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Dr. Nancy Snyderman on the Today Show

Discussion in 'Other Hot Topics' started by SueM, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. SueM

    SueM Banned

    Mar 25, 2010
    I personally find this woman to be a disgrace. I know that she gets paid to be a Pharmaceutical / Government shill (basically) but she really steps out of line with some of the things that she says.

    First of all, obviously, I (and thousands of others) disagree with her that vaccines are the end all, be all and we should all just "get your damn vaccine" (yes, a quote from her). That is just minimizing and trivializing the fact that for some children (and adults) this is a dangerous idea. Stop with the propaganda, Dr. Nancy. I know she gets paid to do this... but it just sounds so foolish.

    Now, the other day, she said....

    "An un-immunized child is a walking Typhoid Mary who can put any of those immune-compromised people in an early grave," Snyderman said. "I personally think it is selfish not to think of that."

    What a pitiful woman... I actually laughed out loud at this. Let's face it... The sole purpose of comments like this is to pressure / force / scare parents into vaccinating their babies. There is no difference between unvaccinated babies and unvaccinated adults in terms of how disease spreads. My guess is (tell me if you disagree), that a very large percentage of the adult population is not up to date on their vaccinations. Keep in mind, best case scenario (ie they actually work for you), vaccines are said to be useful for 5-10 years. How many adults actually go in to a doctors office and gets his / her vaccines on time every 5 years (or so). How about all those vaccines (ie the majority of the children's vaccine schedule today) that adults did not even have when we were younger? I guess we (in general, minus those of you who are up to date with all your vaccines) are all considered walking Typhoid Marys. Yay!

    Let's call this as it is. A Pharmaceutical / Government shill-like individual who uses mass media to put pressure on parents to vaccinate their children. Period. End of story. ;)
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