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Does everyone love thier Endo?

Discussion in 'Parents of Children with Type 1' started by somanybakers, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. JacksonsMom

    JacksonsMom Approved members

    Feb 25, 2008
    I love our endo and his team. He is the Director of the clinic but we still see him twice a year and see the nurse practioner 2 a year. He spends ample time with us and so does the nurse. There are no charges for calls and it is encouraged.

    One thing I feel though is that they can only do so much at those visits as far as changes and suggestions. Parent education is key, we know our child's diabetes better than they do and that along with education allows us to take care of our child's changes the best. Sometimes though some guidance and advice is needed and it's important to be able to call them and trust them when that time comes!
  2. Marcia

    Marcia Approved members

    Feb 22, 2007
    I wish you could all share our experience. Our CDE and endo have been with us since diagnosis. Our CDE wears the bracelet Abbey made her every time we have an appointment, shares stories of her children and vacations, we are part of her extended family. Our endo speaks directly with Ab during visits and reviews all the carelink reports with me. Calls are generally returned within an hour or so unless it is an urgent nature.We visit every 3 months-twice each year with the CDE, twice with the endo. I know this is why Ab has done so well . I don't know what the fee is, I make my insurance copayment. They are priceless to us. I urge you to get a different endo, one that is a good fit for your family even if you make daily decisions for your child's D care. In an emergency, you will want someone you have confidence in.
  3. VinceysMom

    VinceysMom Approved members

    Mar 3, 2010
    $1500?? That is wowza high to me. We see our doc for as long as we need to ask questions, etc. We see nurse too... we are probably with the team at least 30 mins sometimes more. SO far, the most they have charged for this office visit is $234...

    We totally love the endo that we have, but we don't always get to see her...sometimes we see some of the other endo's in the group, but my favorite is OURS...she is a doll, and hugs me when I see her...lol
  4. somanybakers

    somanybakers Approved members

    Dec 24, 2007
    Thank you all for your replies! I have been feeling very discouraged. I am glad many of you have great experiences. I am seriously considering asking our pediatrician if he will "manage" Luke's care. There just isn't much that the Endo office does that he couldn't do.

    In October he was in the ER with high sugars we couldnt bring down and he started to have trouble breathing. This is the only time in 6 years he has had need of emergancy care. They didn't even call our endo. Gave him fluids to flush the keytones and I gave him insullin. In a couple hours he was good to go. Our endo didnt even seem concerned when I mentioned it at the appt.

    I will look somewhere else. There are a few around the state. I will have to shop around. At least I now know that its alright to keep looking :eek:
  5. bisous

    bisous Approved members

    May 21, 2007
    Man, those charges are so high! I hope you find someone more reasonable. After being diagnosed for several years (it is almost 5 for us) we don't talk THAT frequently with the endo but situations arise when it is ever so nice to have that kind of expertise!

    So while I think you can do better than what you have, I wouldn't give up on the idea of an endo altogether.

    FWIW, we drive over an hour to see our endo and depending on traffic (because it is in the heart of LA) it can be close to 2 hours away. I would rather make the drive a couple of times a year but have an accessible team by email and phone. I would drive further if I had to. I cannot fathom paying for further consultations!

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