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Do you think that Nick Jonas is gloryfying Diabetes?

Discussion in 'Parents of Children with Type 1' started by AprilHoover, Sep 26, 2009.


    BRANDYB Approved members

    Feb 3, 2007
    Let me say that hardly no one in Haleys school knew what diabetes was until Nick Jonas appeared. I am grateful for him teaching children more and helping make diabetes more known.
  2. skyleysmom

    skyleysmom Approved members

    Apr 17, 2009
    Regardless of whether or not he addresses the difference between type 1 and type 2. Or expresses anger when someone doesn't know whether or not he can or should eat a cup cake. I really love that he "normalizes" diabetes. Both to our kids who are living with it and their peers. I think that it is great that maybe a 7 year old friend of a 7 year old kid who is newly diagnosed can think something like "Oh, diabetes, that's what Nick Jonas has". Instead of thinking that there is something really "wrong" with their friend and having no understanding or not having heard of D at all. I am happy that awareness is out there through him for children who would have none otherwise.

    That being said. I understand your frustration and anger, from a parent's point of view. I wish the world knew the difference between type 1 & type 2. I wish no one had said to me when she was diagnosed "You need to be so careful what you feed your kids." I have wanted to shake many a person who suggested that somehow it was my fault for not making healthy choices and scream "What did it then? The year of breast feeding? The extra money that I spent on organic milk, fruits and vegetables?" I understand your frustration, but I am glad that there is a face that normalizes D for my kid, the kids around her, and the kids around you. Because she is normal, and so are you, and so is every kid who lives with D.

    Sending you a (((hug))). I know that sometimes this is hard. It is hard enough to be a teenager without D. :rolleyes:
  3. TheFormerLantusFiend

    TheFormerLantusFiend Approved members

    Sep 10, 2006
    I'm not a Jonas fan, but I certainly don't think he glorifies diabetes, except in that he is a glamorous person who openly has diabetes- and that's certainly not a bad thing.
    If the people I interact with see Jonas as their other example of a diabetic- well, that may not be totally realistic, but it's reasonably positive.

    I did think that he sort of exaggerates the ease of using an Omnipod- but that's mostly okay with me. I have mixed feelings about the song, but mostly I think it's an honest view of how one person feels about having diabetes. And some of it I feel too, and some of it I don't, because even though we both have diabetes, I am not Nick Jonas. As for dying of diabetes- how do you know he won't? A lot of diabetics do. I know it's a fear that I think about almost every day.

    Jonas isn't perfect, but overall I think he makes people look at diabetics in a more positive light.
  4. AprilHoover

    AprilHoover Banned

    Sep 25, 2009
    Sorry you misunderstood. I meant that he seems to go 'oh, poor me' yet he doesn't bother to say 'I CAN eat what I want.'
    - April.
  5. mom2two

    mom2two Approved members

    Jan 3, 2008
    No one has it "easy" with Type 1 diabetes or any other disease. I think he is amazing in that he is NOT letting anything slow him down! Kudos to Jonas!
  6. kierbabi09

    kierbabi09 Approved members

    Aug 20, 2007
    I don't think he says poor me, at ALL!
    He it trying his hardest to be a normal teen, and he does that!
    Yes he doesn't go through what we do necessarily, but you have to remember that YOU don't go through what he does either.
    You are not up on stage performing at the same time trying to make sure your bg's are ok.
    It's also not his job to make sure that people know what type 1 is. He doesn't make diabetes his life. And I like that about him!
    So, I think he is doing an amazing job, especially with younger kids who were diagnosed. I know he really helped me after I was diagnosed, even if just by watching interviews and listening to "A little bit longer" (one of my favorite songs, btw).
    I think you need to look at what he IS doing to help raise awareness than what he is NOT doing.
    JMO though:)
  7. Toni

    Toni Banned

    Sep 14, 2009
    And..... don't forget Nick is in the public eye. He wants to have a long career and he does not want to be discriminated against. This is true for all young adults with D. On the one hand you need people to understand this is serious and deserving of money for a cure. On the other, you don't want employers to think hiring you would be a liability. You don't want after-school activities that are private in nature (and therefore can discriminate) turning you down when you try to register for dance, karate, etc. I think if employers knew all that was really entailed, there would be more discrimination. The comments about what food is allowed and what is not "food police" are annoying. And Diabetes is one of the few diseases where you are blamed for having it. There was a thread a while back about naming Type 1 something else, to distinguish it from Type 2. But since Type 1 is a minority, politically, there is power in numbers so separating the two may be a bad idea.
  8. mcleodja

    mcleodja Approved members

    Jan 25, 2009
    maybe we should feel this way about every celebrity that talks about their own personal challenges with the diseases they deal with every day, The only person I ever heard put down Micheal J Fox was Rush on his radio show and that was poor taste!
    Kudo's to anyone who had the guts to talk about their personal struggles with any chronic disease and double kudo's when that person is a kid.
  9. moco89

    moco89 Approved members

    Mar 1, 2008
    I honestly do not see why anyone needs to be resentful towards Nick Jonas' attitude towards diabetes, or his decision to talk about it publicly.

    He doesn't glorify it, nor do his fans. It obviously isn't an easy thing to deal with, as it is a condition that requires 24/7 management. He just tells it the way it is for him, and I don't think somebody should be criticized for talking about it in a justifiable manner.

    While some fans do misinterpret the information given from Nick, and react oversensitively to his diagnosis......It is not overglorified. They are just expressing their empathy towards him inappropriately----at least from some of our perspectives.

    No matter how he handles the publicity of his diagnosis, his celebrity status will cause some skewed reactions from especially hardcore fans. You know what I mean....like "Poor Nick!".....etc.

    But, the kid shouldn't be scrutinized for how his fans chose to react to his public life and his medical issues.
  10. BozziesMom

    BozziesMom Approved members

    Jul 16, 2008
    Frankly, who'd listen to him if he came out bitching and angry? Seriously? Nobody likes a bad attitude. He wouldn't garner much sympathy. It would be counterproductive. He's a well spoken mellow kid who's trying to be chill. :) While spreading awareness without overdoing it so that the average person glazes over. Know the look I mean? lol...

    I try to keep D talk short, sweet, to the point too... or else you just completely lose 'em. Answer what's asked. If they want to know more, they'll ask more.

    I am grateful that he's out there... and his speaking out about D has brought other Type 1 folk into our - and the public's - awareness. It's a good thing.

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