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Diabetic Horse

Discussion in 'Fundraising Activities' started by rhuger1, Jan 6, 2009.

  1. rhuger1

    rhuger1 New Member

    Jan 2, 2009
    JustIncredible is the first documented case of type 1 diabetes in a horse in the world. This wonderful little guy came into the world on Oct 20 2008 and was not nursing his momma...routine tests were done and the verdict...Type 1 Diabetes. Sanctuary Farm is a very small farm in Kentucky that does equine rescue as well as breeds trains and shows Naturally gaited Kentucky Mountain Saddle horses. We now have become advocates for Type 1.
    the financial impact was unexpected, medical costs are well over $5,000 at this point. We made a decision to go forward with treatment verses having this little guy put down. JustIncredible is doing his part by being the most loving foal we have ever had the chance to care for. In the summer of 2009 we plan on bringing him to some ADA youth summer camps to share his story.
    At this time we are seeking donations to help offest his medical bills and Justin has promised us that he will in turn shre his remarkable story with as many people around the world as possible...heck he has already been on CNN! Please take the time to check out his donation web page.....thanks to all the people that have been checking up on him.

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