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diabetes + fair= fun combination

Discussion in 'Parents of Children with Type 1' started by mom24grlz, Sep 6, 2010.

  1. mom24grlz

    mom24grlz Approved members

    Mar 30, 2010
    Yesterday after church we took the girls to the fair. I thought for sure with all the walking around that Ashleigh would run on the lower side. But nope, she didn't.

    About 3 hours after getting to the fair we were all getting hungry. First off finding a place to sit was a fun treat. Most people were just walking around eating their food. But my feet and ankles were killing me i wanted to sit down. Plus it would be easier for ashleigh to check her BS and take her insulin if she was sitting down too. Well after about an hour of searching! we finally found a spot. We got mine, ken's, Madisyn and Emely's food but Ashleigh still couldn't decide what she wanted to eat.

    She finally decided she wanted a funnel cake. I went off to get myself a drink and i let Ken and her figure out the carbs for that. Ashleigh checked her BS it was 185 (after all that walking). and we went to get her funnel cake. We decided to just walk around while she ate it. Once she finished it she gave herself her insulin. I asked how much she was giving herself and she said 6 units. ok she and her dad had it figured out, right?

    Fast forward, many miles walked later plus a couple of rides. It's about 3 1/2 hours later and the kids are hungry again. Ashleigh and I want some cheese fries. Ken just buys us a big bucket and tells us to split them (good thing i have my trusty scale). Ashleigh checks her BS and it's 327! What:eek:. First thing i say is "ashleigh did you wash your hands?" When of course i know she hasn't? Where would she there is only 1 darn bathroom in the entire fair and it's like a mile away. I give her one of catie's baby wipes and she rechecks still 327. After talking, we figured out that Ashleigh and Ken had figured out carbs for the funnel cake but forgot to add up the carbs on the mounds of sugar they put on the thing.

    I divy'd up our cheese fries and did my best guesstimate on her carb/insulin amount. I gave her 2u for the fries plus and additional 2u for a correction. She took the insulin a little after 8pm. I told her I'd check her at midnight to give her another correction if needed. I thought for sure she would still be above 200.

    We get home a little after 9pm. Ashleigh takes her 18u lantus and heads to bed. Midnight the alarm awakes me and i grab her meter plus the novolog pen. I'm sure i will need this. I check her BS and she's 86! Wow that's 241 points dropped in 4 hours. I tried to get her to eat a 15 carb snack, but she's says her stomach hurts. So did manage to get her to drink a juice box instead.

    Checked BS again at 3am and she was at 125.
  2. MadeleinesMom

    MadeleinesMom Approved members

    Jun 21, 2010
    We went to the fair yesterday as well.... one slice of pizza, a couple of sips of lemonade and two apple fritters = 410 for us!:mad:
  3. sassypantz

    sassypantz Approved members

    Nov 11, 2009
    We went to the fair earlier this summer--she also ran high. It was probably about 98?, so we didn't plan on staying long, but she cut it shorter than planned by throwing up. :-(

    About a half gallon of water and a half hour of a/c and she was fine.

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