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cruising success?

Discussion in 'Parents of Children with Type 1' started by AliciaM, Dec 20, 2013.

  1. AliciaM

    AliciaM Approved members

    Jul 23, 2013
    So, I made it home alive after my cruise!

    My very first "real" vacation was mostly a success. Left sunday morning from Pearson with no flight issues, thank god! They scanned my bag with all my supplies in it a few times even though I did warn them I had needles etc in there. After 3 times going in and out of the scanner they finally spit my bag out and off I went.

    Got on the cruise went to my room and my sharps container was not in the room like I had requested. Spoke to my room guy and he was awesome got me a sharps container within 10 min. He seemed curious as to what is was for and I said I was diabetic and he said "alicia if you need anything at all any time just let me know and I'll be there in a jiffy!" he was awesome!

    The actual cruise itself was not too bad...as for the food WHOA momma..I've never seen people eat so much in my life LOL. I was the only one at my table who only got 1 main course and 1 appetizer. Everyone else had at least 2 or 3 mains and a few apps along with dessert. I did do dessert and bolused accordingly..was off most of the time so I just corrected as needed.

    My bg's were not too bad between 8-14 the whole time apart from the last night where it was in the 20s from me being stressed out and then throwing up because of the motion of the boat swaying SO much.

    I didn't do any excursions other than visiting a beach which ended up being a nightmare due to another cruiser (wife and husband) having a heart attack in the water while snorkelling. I am now SO thankful for living somewhere where the ambulance response time is speedy. There was NO one trained with first aid where we went and seeing as we (as coaches) are all trained at CPR and first aid a lot of us including a nurse and a paramedic who were also vacationing kept rotating doing CPR until the ambulance arrived...almost 40 minutes later. Our cruise line also wasn't very helpful when a coworker of mine called to request help as the wife of the man had ALL her stuff in the room including passports, cell phone, etc and needed it to be transported to the hospital. As someone who is vulnerable to possibly being in a medical emergency I felt great being among friends and coworkers who I knew could help me at the drop of a dime... makes you really put things into perspective when you visit another country and the trivial things I sometimes complain about.
  2. 3kidlets

    3kidlets Approved members

    Aug 3, 2010
    Great to hear. We are going on a 10 day cruise of Portugal, Spain and Italy in August. We travel a lot. But the thought of being out in the ocean with Hana scares me. Not the same as being on the land. Keep thinking of some of the cruise nightmares I've heard of in the past couple of years. I know all will be fine but of course the what if scenarios run thru my head. We've been in cruises but not since she's had Type 1.
  3. kirsteng

    kirsteng Approved members

    Dec 30, 2012
    Sounds like a heck of a success for someone new to diabetes, and surrounded by all that temptation! ;) Good for you, and glad you had a great time... and fantastic that you and your teammates were there to perform cpr!

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