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  1. Tarheel84

    Tarheel84 Approved members

    Sep 3, 2007
    I just received my Calorie King book this week and was wondering if anyone else was as shocked as I was after learning the calorie and carb counts of restaurant foods? OMG...Aussie chips from Outback: 725 cal and 100 cbs?? A slice of chocolate chip cookie dough cheescake from the Cheesecake Factory: 1900 cal and 102 carbs and just about ANYTHING from PF Changs (Orange Peel Shrimp (my favorite) 1280 cal and 127 grm carbs!!

    For those not on a pump how do you (your kids) dose for these meals?? Obviously the serving sizes are key. For example I have never eaten more than 1/2 of my PF Changs meal...well OK sometimes more than 1/2:rolleyes: What do you recommend in estimating the carbs?? Guestimate based on this book and the amount you think you are going to eat?

    After reading through this book I don't think I can enjoy my meals out as much as I used to when I was ignorant of the calories/carb counts. :cool:
  2. OSUMom

    OSUMom Approved members

    Sep 10, 2006
    It's an eye opener isn't it! My son is on an insulin pump. I know he at first for Chipotle (maybe got carb content on web site) would opt for the burrito bowl - lower carbs. Now he goes for the burrito like before D.

    Our endocrinologist told my son not to limit carbs - except not to have like 200 at a time. :eek: Now his situation was that he had lost 20 pounds prior to diagnosis because of ketoacidosis and he was a thin kid to begin with!

    These would be things to ask your son's endocrinologist.

    Those portions at the Cheesecake Factory are outrageous!

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