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Blessed by Animas

Discussion in 'Parents of Children with Type 1' started by alnoll, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. alnoll

    alnoll Approved members

    Oct 28, 2011
    I have been in contact with Animas and our insurance for the past couple of weeks and they were more than willing to help me come up with a plan to make a pump affordable for us! I would encourage speaking with them if money is an issue. Anyway, Ania will soon be the proud owner of an Animas ping, and she's so excited.
    I am however, unsure if jumping into the world of pumping, I know it's what she wants and it it should be good for her and for me. Most exciting I think is the prospect of being able to leave her with friends and family, right now the only break I get is through respite care once a week because they can do her injections...
    However, at four I'm not sure how she'll fair with having to carry the pump around and the tubing. Did anyone have trouble with younger children and getting them used to carrying around a piece of equipment? Was tubing an issue? I worry that it will get in the way with the bathroom and just general running around. Also, probably the silliest thing of all, but for me, is it easy to just begin trusting the pump? I'm so used to doing it all myself I'm not sure how I'll adjust to letting the pump do it for me... silly I know :)

    AmberLynn Mother to Ania now four dx at two on MDI soon to be a pumper!!!!
  2. andeefig

    andeefig Approved members

    Mar 13, 2006
    Congratulations on pumping! We are going on our sixth year with Animas and love it :) Every kiddo is different but we've never had any problems with tubing or carrying the pump. Max literally learned how to walk with a pump on and typical little kid stuff like playgrounds and being rough-and-tumble have never been an issue. Try out a bunch of different pump packs and you'll find the one that works best for you. Plus, there are so many cute ones out there for little girls, she'll have fun picking out ones to wear. Before you know it, it'll be like its not even there for her.
  3. Ndiggs

    Ndiggs Approved members

    Nov 9, 2011
    I agree, Olivia has had her pump since she was 3, tubbing was never an issue, she wears her pump on a pack around her waist, and it has never been a problem, bathroom goes fine, car seats, plane rides, ect ect...

    I do recommend a steel set rather than a teflon one, means a few more site changes, but much much better results in the little ones I think with them. We had all sorts of problems with the inset 30's when we started pumping, and went to the contact detach and a lot of those problems went away. Olivia is very very slim for a 4 yr old (15% on the weight chart, 95% on the height..... If it stays this way, I am in real trouble when she is 15) but the contact detach really worked for us, even as trim as she is.

    Good Luck! And I think you are going to LOVE being on the pump, lets you live a little more freed up life
  4. JaxDad

    JaxDad Approved members

    May 24, 2010
    Jack was dx'd at 4 and pumping at 5. We've never had issues with the tubing or pump and his activity, and he's very active. We use the clip with his favorite camouflage skin 95% of the time and occasionally remove the skin and put it in his pocket. He wears the pump for all activities except Tae Kwon Do and bathing. He usually wears it at the pool in the summer, but sometimes he doesn't.

    As far as the pump and bathroom activities, if your talking bathing - he just removes it. If your talking other needs, then the tubing is long enough that the pump can still be attached to his pants and reach from his ankles to his site - we rotate around the buttock tops - regardless of whether he is sitting or standing. Getting dressed, he sometimes leaves it on and puts the pump on his dresser as he gets dressed. Other times he disconnects, gets dressed and re-connects. It's just part of his daily life; Ania will be comfortable with it too, even if it takes a little getting used to.

    With regard to trusting the pump - it's natural to be fearful of the unknown. We had the same feelings, they are now gone and we trust it completely. There will be a learning curve, just like integrating anything into your lives, but it will become easy and second nature.

    We use the 30 degree comfort sets, we had some issues with bent cannula tips, and switched to straight sets. Those were an issue with either bent tips or pain, we've since found a way to use the comfort sets and have no issues at all. See http://forums.childrenwithdiabetes.com/showthread.php?t=67759

    We're very happy to have the pump, I'm confident you will be too.
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2011
  5. lisac

    lisac Approved members

    Sep 5, 2011
    My daughter started the pump when she was 3. We've never had problems with the tubing. We also had bad results with the Inset 30 and changed to the Contact Detach (which we LOVE.) I totally understand the "trusting the pump" issues!! The first few weeks I and my husband were a wreck with worry. Thinking "what if it doesn't give her the insulin? what if it gives her too much insulin? what if her rates are wrong? what if we're doing this wrong?" and on and on! It did take some getting used to, but now we LOVE the pump and so does Hadlee! She understood, even at 3, that the pump meant less injections. Just remember YDMV, and the first few weeks (or for us months) can be rough. It will get easier!! Good luck!!!

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