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Apidra, DIA for corrections, no IOB...our first night

Discussion in 'Parents of Children with Type 1' started by Toni, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. Toni

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    Sep 14, 2009
    Apidra and Duration of Insulin Action for Corrections -- Our first night

    She is on break this week, so even though the week is half over, decided to give Apidra a try. She has been having high spikes; Dexcom is still not on. Verdict so far; still too long a DIA but dropping BS earlier in the DIA. So far I like it. They do seem identical as far as duration goes. But the correction for high blood sugar kicks in a lot earlier and she comes down to the lower number quicker. Also, Apidra did not need plus temp basal for this very high blood sugar, as Novolog does.

    Apidra Correction, no IOB
    2:50 am 359 (site change and correction of 1.2 units. I did not add plus temp basal for two hours, like I do for Novolog because this is a completely new insulin).
    4:30 am 261
    5:30 am 183
    6:30 am 130
    10:30 am 127

    Result of Apidra after our first bolus

    ICR was 1 to 8 on Novolog and working well.
    1.5 hours after eating, BS is 336. She is going to need a lot more basal with Apidra. Not sure I like that, but it is what it is.

    P.S. The first bottle of Apidra we tried was due to expire in two months. Endo just gave us the one sample she had. Obviously, it was old insulin (her numbers were high the whole time).
    Basals are 1.2 from 1:30 am through 3pm at the moment.
    Correction factor over night is 1to 90; it is 1 to 75 during the day.
    Her ICR has been 1 to 7 this whole week (huge decrease). Her TDD last night was 70; night before 66; night before that 60. Her ISF has never corresponded to any of the "Rules." Have no idea why.

    Will have to increase correction just a tad. Her basals were stable all week 2am until noon on Novolog. And she is stable on Apidra. I have to go through other corrections to analyze. Apidra did have a four hour action last night. Wonder if because she was very high going in; why did correction take so long? But the Novolog is ridiculous; it is taking too long to kick in.

    Novolog correction 2/15
    BS at 3am was 189 .90 unit given
    BS at 4an was 191
    BS at 5am was 156; gave another .40 unit (not called for by pump. If I had not given the .40, she would have been 130 at 7am, according to my calculations)
    BS at 7am was 80
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