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Any softball players out there??? I need some help!!

Discussion in 'Spouses and Significant Others' started by khoward1017, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. khoward1017

    khoward1017 Approved members

    Jun 4, 2007
    I am planning a coed softball tournament, Batting For A Cure, as a JDRF fundraiser in Ohio. It will be our families walk team fundraiser and all the proceeds will be given to the local JDRF at our walk.

    But, I am 2 teams shorter than I wanted. This is the first year and I scheduled it during a state tournament and so teams were already booked! If there are any families out there that would like to come and play in the tournament, for free, let me know! I am looking for family teams 18 & up coed. We are trying to have a family fun environment!!! The firetrucks and policemen are coming to the event as well as Dexcom and some pump companies. It really should be a fun event!! If you are interested, email me at karen@loganators.com. You can visit BattingForACure.com for just some basic details. But I will offer FREE registration just to have a full tournament and ensure that everyone has a great time so that they will come back and play in next years tournament!!!

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