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Another Gas Price..

Discussion in 'Teens OT' started by JordynS, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. JordynS

    JordynS Approved members

    Nov 16, 2006
    i have seen 1.99..

    My parents were quite excited..

    My creative writing teacher was talking about this yesterday.
    He said earlier this year that he thought we were going to see the gas prices decrease right around the election week,
    And guess what......

    WE DID!!

    And then yesterday we were talking about how he thought that after the election, and we had a new president that they were going to go right back up..

    But at least we can have a little break..

    haha, i just thought of something else.
    I was at the repair shop with my da dover the summer, and there was this picture of a gas station right around the corner and the sign said that gas was 1.03!!

    I was like that must be from the ston ages,
    but yet again it was over the summer when that gas prices were 4.00 dollars a Gallon!!!

    i dont like those....

    But who does right?

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