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America Girl Doll Petition Follow Up Video: Need Your Help

Discussion in 'Parents of Children with Type 1' started by ibusse13, May 16, 2014.

  1. ibusse13

    ibusse13 Approved members

    Jan 25, 2014
    My daughter started a petition to get American Girl to make diabetic accessories - like a diabetic bag with supplies and an insulin pump. It is starting to really take off. We were excited when it was featured on Bret Michaels' website and numerous new stations throughout the country. We loved the responses and reasons that we got from everyone so much that we want to make a second video. We received permission from the music group MJ2 (one of the singers is a type 1 diabetic) to use their new song "It's Possible". We need your help. What I am looking for is people to send me 2 pictures with yourself or someone you know (with permission of course) holding a sign. The first one will be when that person was diagnosed with diabetes or how diabetes has affected your life. The second sign will be a reason why they think American Girl should make diabetic accessories. I am looking for a wide variety of people. If you can try to send them in a sideways shot and not up and down like in the pictures shown. Email the pictures to diabeticamericangirl@gmail.com. Here is an example. For more pictures you can check out our Facebook page at www.diabeticamericangirl.com or sign the petition at www.diabeticamericangirlpetition.com

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