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Aetna Coverage-who carries Flexifix & Mastisol

Discussion in 'Insurance Issues' started by jath622, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. jath622

    jath622 Approved members

    Jun 21, 2009
    I am beginning to have trouble getting my Navigator sensors to stick. I have been using IV Prep and IV300, which is what is currently available from my DME supplier.

    I am looking for a place that is network with Aetna that might carry Mastisol and Felifix products. Would anyone know of any supplies I might contact for this? If possible, I would like to get both products from the same place.

    I have been getting all my pump supplies (surrently Cozmo) from Diabetes Care and Education but they do not carry Flexifix. They are in network with Aetna and Aetna pays a percentage for all these supplies.

    My Navigator sensors must come from Apria, who tells me that no tape or "sticking" products are covered by Aetna. However they have been covering them from DC&E so far.

    If anyone knows of places that are in network with Aetna and carry these products, or know of something that might work better than IV Prep and IV300 for "better sticking", please let me know.

    Judi in MI

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