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Advice and Tips for taking Kids on cruise

Discussion in 'Parents of Children with Type 1' started by yelley, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. yelley

    yelley Approved members

    Apr 9, 2010
    This will be the first vacation since my daughter's dx and I wanted to see if anyone had any advice and/or tips so that it goes as smooth as possible.

    We will be doing a 7 day cruise and want to make sure I have everything we may need (D related) when we get on the ship.

    My daughter is now pumping (yeah, 4 days and counting :D). My husband & I have cruised a couple times before, but this will be the first for the kids. They are so excited......

    Any advice would be so helpful!
  2. selketine

    selketine Approved members

    Jan 4, 2006
    Sounds great! We have done two cruises (on DCL) and loved it.

    This is one situation I would call Animas and get a loaner pump to take with you - my #1 suggestion.

    Make sure to take plenty of supplies - I pack 3x the usual amount I would use in a week. Bring all the supplies you would need to go back on shots (including a basal insulin like Lantus).

    Trip insurance - is your trip soon? Getting travel insurance for someone with a pre-existing condition has to be booked within a week or so of first booking your trip to get coverage usually. It is a very tricky issue and some limits (like on medical evacuation) can be significantly reduced if the person has a PEC. There are still ways to get coverage. I know I sound like a shill for this company but I have no affiliation with them except that I use them to get travel insurance because they seem to be one of the few that "get it." (yes it is me they have quoted at the top). http://www.tripinsurancestore.com/3/pre-existing.shtml

    I recommend trip insurance for a cruise or overseas travel. A bunch of us who read the Dis boards had a cruise meet and got together on the ship during the cruise. One of the families had a daughter who was severely injured in a freak accident while in Cozumel and had to leave the ship and be medically evacuated back to the USA - to the tune of $50,000+ I just wouldn't want to be caught wrangling with the insurance company over diabetes even if it had nothing to do with anything that could happen. As we say YMDV.
  3. BrendaMc

    BrendaMc Approved members

    May 2, 2010
    Haven't done a cruise since dx but let us know. We are scheduled for DCL Mexican Riveria cruise in Feb and were just talking this morning about going back to MDI for the cruise or staying on the pump.
  4. tsoccer5

    tsoccer5 Approved members

    Jan 14, 2010
    we cruise Carnival 5 months after diagnosis and it went great!!!!
    which cruise line are you doing?

    We did not get early dinner and we went straight to the dining room upon boarding and they switched us (dd also has celiac, and they made her amazing food all week!)

    I did not bring our small scale and looking back I wonder if I will next time.... hmmm?

    I did bring a 1/2 cup and a 1 cup measure as I am still not always great at eye balling and she believes me more if I have the cup =-)

    we did have some lows with the 3 story water slide on two days, but we had brought skittles!

    She loves the Kids Clubs and we did have issues with them serving food, so we did get a cell phone from the kids club and they would call me when they served food and I would come "deal" with it. This was dd 5th cruise though so she was very comfortable.

    For you 12 yr old though they will have the option of signing out and going off with friends so you will have to decide how comfortable you are with that.

    We were MDI for our cruise and our pumping now, I am not sure which would be easier, but you will need backup of both just in case.

    Have fun! We had a great time, but we did bring snacks (did not use many) and other things, but more because of the celiac than T1.

    Let me know if you have specific questions.
  5. Melancholywings

    Melancholywings Approved members

    Sep 15, 2009
    We did one in Jan and it was NCL. We were on shots but maybe some of this would be useful to you?

    • I would take hard boiled eggs, bannana's, cheese and meat from the buffet and store it in our room fridge. I also brought crackers and peanut butter and horizon milk. The little boxes that don't have to be in the fridge. That way when we went to shore I always had a 'sack lunch' cobbled together. This saved us several times when we were in areas that had food she wouldn't eat - or when our bus ran late.
    • When we did the chocolate buffet - I let her fill up an entire plate with what ever she wanted. And she really filled it. We took it back to our room with an extra plate and I put a new plate together with a bite sized piece from everything she took and then carb guessed it as a chocolate cake. And oddly my guess was spot on. So she was able to try everything they had with out going crazy.
    • When we dropped her off at the kids club I requested one of their 'parent phones'. They use them for the very little kids but don't give them out normally for older kids. It allowed DD to contact us so we could come and do her shots if they had special treats, when she was feeling low, or when she had enough.
    • The first thing we did when we got on the ship was find the medical room. So that if anything happened we would know exactly where it was.

    Hope some of that is helpful.
  6. yelley

    yelley Approved members

    Apr 9, 2010
    Thank you all for being so helpful and giving some great advice!

    We will be on Royal Carribean. I am excited and nervous all at the same time.

    We don't leave until end of August, but I am sure I will have more questions before we leave.

    Thanks again!
  7. Mom to S&S

    Mom to S&S Approved members

    Jun 27, 2008
    You've probably already thought of this, but just in case, I thought I would mention it. We are taking our first cruise next April. We opted to get the kids the full passport books as opposed to passport cards. (The rates just went up so we already did them to beat the increase.) The passport cards are accepted at sea ports, but if you have a medical emergency and need to fly back into the US, you cannot do it with the cards. You have to have the passport book to fly back into the US. Paranoid I know, but we would rather have the piece of mind of the kids having full passports, too. Have a fun trip!
  8. PatriciaMidwest

    PatriciaMidwest Approved members

    Mar 2, 2010
    We took the family on Royal Carribean for Spring Break, and it was great. As the previous poster said, I would get your child a full passport. The cruise ship won't require it for a closed loop trip, but a medical problem requiring a flight to the US will. Also consider trip insurance with medical evacuation covered.

    Other than that, pack lots of pump supplies, insulin and glucagon. We also brought our own juice since it is a long trip to the buffet areas usually.

    Have a great time!
  9. Connie(BC)Type 1

    Connie(BC)Type 1 Approved members

    Nov 11, 2005
    When buying insurance, make sure it covers pre existing conditions, most travel insurance doesn't. (My group medical does have travel insurance that does cover it.)
  10. yelley

    yelley Approved members

    Apr 9, 2010
    We all have U.S. Passports from previous trips so that is covered (funny thing is they don't look like their pictures anymore, kids grow so fast!)

    I received all my trip insurance paperwork yesterday and called to double check that it does cover Pre-Existing, we are good there.

    The insurance also covers $150K for emergency medical evacuation so that is good!

    Now I just have to start making a list of all the things you all have mentioned as well as EVERYTHING else I need to pack (of course I pack for everyone :rolleyes:)

    Can't wait :D
  11. NeurosurgeryNP

    NeurosurgeryNP Approved members

    Jul 5, 2010
    Do NOT put your extra (unrefrigerated/vial in use) insulin the your cabin fridge if you have one - it will freeze - the thermostats are horrible. I took all of my extra insulin to the infirmary and they were glad to store it for me. I also took ice gel packs with me and they gladly took them each night after we used them on shore all day - we were in the Caribbean and I was not totally comfortable with just the Frio pack - we used the frio pack in a lunch cooler with the ice packs. It was too warm otherwise when we were out ashore for 10 plus hours some days in 90 plus degree heat.

    When you get to your room for the first time, just ask your room stweard for a shaprs container. They will be happy to get one for you.

    Especially because there might be a lot of swimming on the ship, make sure you pack PLENTY of infusion sets in case one comes off. You may want to try Tegaderm or IV3000 dressings with a hole cut out of the attachment port to help secure the adhesvie, or maybe try Mastisol or Skin Tac or another adhesive.
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2010

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