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Adrian says hello from Germany

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Adrian, Jul 5, 2014.

  1. Adrian

    Adrian Approved members

    Jul 5, 2014

    I'm Adrian. I'm a young adult type 1 diabetic from Germany. I also have MODY Type 3.
    The MODY III makes my liver react slow and have physical activity have a much higher influence than with "just" Type 1.
    As my pancreas doesn't produce any insulin, even with oral medication, I treat it pretty much like type one.
    Up- and downregulation ("adaption to lower/higher insulin doses and higher/lower effect of the same amount of insulin") of course is an almost daily issue to me.

    Forums like this helped me a lot after I got diagnosed as a youth.
    Also this forum in particular helped me a lot recently in picking my CGMS, just by reading.

    Even though I don't have children yet, I'd like to participate here and maybe give something back (and of course learn more and prepare myself for having kids).
    My medical background: Before I was diagnosed, I was on my way to become paramedic but then dropped out, finished high school and went to university to become a computer scientist. Most of my knowledge about diabetes I learned from forums like this, own research and the lectures of a diabetologist, that I was lucky to have found and being able to attend his lectures.

    I have no experiences with children (yet) but hope to be able to help in technical issues, general diabetes issues, have some nice discussions and also learn a lot.

    My "gadgets":
    BG-Meter: Accu-Check Mobile, One-Touch UltraEasy (lookes like the UltraMini)
    Pump: Delcec Cozmo. (Ugly, out of the market, but still the best pump that exists :) )
    CGMS: Dexcom G4


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