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A good started list of GF food ideas

Discussion in 'Celiac' started by WestinsMom, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. WestinsMom

    WestinsMom Approved members

    Mar 27, 2007
    I am stealing this list off of the USASillyYaks yahoo group. I think it is a good quick list of gf foods kids will eat.

    Breakfast (easy to do Gluten Free)
    Cocoa pebbles, Fruity pebbles
    Rice Chex (general mills)
    Disney came out with some cereals last year...they carry them at
    Walmart, but can be hard to find....Winnie the Pooh, Little
    Einsteins, etc...gluten free
    Enviro Kids brand has some GF cereals....like Gorilla Munch, Panda
    Puffs, etc...they are even good dry to munch on for a snack
    Rice bread toast (separate gluten free toaster needed)
    Vans waffles (my boys really like the blueberry)
    GF french toast sticks in frozen section - not bad, but not great
    eggs w or w/o cheese and toppings
    watch out for some chocolate milks, I have seen a few with malt
    be careful with sodas...rootbeer and some flavored sodas like orange
    flavored have modified food starch (Sunkist if I remember right)
    bacon, sausage (double check the sausage - wheat fillers sometimes)
    We do not do any oats/oat flour....I know some people do...but our
    doc said not to for the first year and I just haven't gotten up the
    nerve to try it yet.
    Frozen dinner rolls GF from health food store (add butter/jelly) or
    make egg McMuffin - fun!
    Frozen english muffins GF from healthfood store
    Careful with butter....best to buy GF kid his own spray butter and
    put name on it, no tubs, no sticks - easily contaminated...big no no.
    bread - rice bread frozen section of grocery white or brown....best
    to keep it cold...easily falls apart...we don't do a lot of bread
    substituting...it seems easier to just eliminate it than try to eat
    some strange tasting bread wanna be.
    fresh fruits
    Yoplait yogurt/Gogurt - quick and easy

    Lunch (hardest meal of the day for me to make GF)
    GF crackers - we use Back to Nature white cheddar all the time
    (make your own "lunchable" with cheese/crackers/lunch meat) Somehow
    calling it a lunchable makes it "cool" and fun to make themselves.
    cheese sticks/slices
    Our little invention...turkey/cheese wrapper....cheese stick with a
    piece of lunch meat just wrapped around it and hold it and eat
    it...easy kid thing...my kids ask for this a lot (of course you can
    do any type GF lunch meat)
    lunch meat - be careful of wheat fillers/mod. food starch - not from
    deli - shared equipment
    Oscar Mayer (OM)usually pretty safe
    hot dogs/cheese dogs (OM)let kids use a plastic knife to carve faces
    and then microwave them...they are now people dogs and look funny
    apple sauce - variety of flavors usually ok
    some cottage cheeses - not Breakstone
    rice cakes - check label some of the flavored ones are gluten -we
    get plain and put on p-nut butter - Jiff, peter pan are okay
    p-nut butter/GF crackers - add jelly (we use Welches squeeze bottle
    so no cross contamination with knives)
    baked beans
    french fries (check labels)
    mustard usually okay
    some mayo okay
    Heinz ketchsup
    grilled chicken chopped up (always good to have on hand)
    carrot sticks/celery sticks
    Hormell pepperoni's say GF on back of package
    Make your own pizza day...we use Pamela's bread mix and go crazy
    raisins, dry fruit (check label)
    Ranch drsg. - Wish Bone is safe.
    PB & J with GF bread
    grilled cheese, velveeta, GF bread...one of the only times I'll eat
    the bread is like this
    salads, some kraft salad drsgs. too
    canned fruits, pineapple, etc..
    fruit snacks boxed things...some are okay....Lego, spiderman, hot
    wheels ones
    hard corn torillas grilled chicken (left overs) on top, melt cheese
    over it in microwave...my boys like it..can load it up like a taco
    cookies.....GF...Pamela's really good but terrible price, Midel
    animal crackers good, Kinnikik???makes oreo looking cookies that
    taste just like oreos, Enviro kids makes crispy bars - chocolate and
    peanut butter aren't too bad, but still taste strange to me
    marshmellows - but not all brands...not walmart, jet puff okay
    Lays chips (plain, cheese, sour cream), Frito Lay.....some are
    safe...NO pringles
    Cool ranch Doritos and a couple other flavors, but not all flavors
    are GF
    cheetos - cheese puffs - some brands
    icecream - some chocolates have gluten via malt, careful with fancy
    flavored icecream with brownie, cookie dough
    Candy....3 musketeers, snickers, milk duds, dum dum lollipops, most
    Tootsie products, plain/p-nut M&M's - are GF
    popcorn - some are GF, be careful....never buy at movie
    theater....always assume Gluten on that...most heavily butter ones
    seemed to be the Gluten ones
    Bob's Red Mill Choc. Cake and Brownie Mix are great (try Amazon.com
    for best prices usually and free ship)
    Careful with icing....Duncan Hines we use...some others are okay
    recently too....NO Betty Crocker
    Careful with icecream toppings
    Icecream Cones do come GF from a healthfood store here, but are hard
    to come by
    Snack pack puddings

    Dinner (pretty easy)
    any meats/ careful with seasonings/no sauces/gravies usually/some
    bbq sauces are okay
    veggies - nothing creamed- watch out for seasoned frozen ones and
    cheesy sauces, my boys love corn on the cob
    Pasta - we love the quinoa spaghetti and lasagna noodles, we tried
    every brand of GF pasta and we finally found this one....Notta Pasta
    is pretty good too
    Deboles GF pasta from walmart, we gagged on and it went into the
    trash - trial and error, everybody is different
    pasta sauce - walmart brand actually says GF on jar
    Ragu - original okay, many other brands are GF too, Haven't found a
    jar of white sauce yet to be GF
    Hunts - 4 cheese is great and good price
    **Make your own meatballs - I haven't found a premade GF one yet,
    but you can make your own by adding very finely smashed GF crackers
    to the meat (I put the crackers into a zip lock bag and roll them
    with a rolling pin until they are like dust)
    fish sticks and chicken nuggets - Ian's brand (expensive though)
    Ian's brand also makes a GF kids frozen dinner...the boys think it
    is cool, we buy these to pack in our cooler when we go on vacation
    make your own chicken nuggest with raw chicken, dip in milk, salt,
    pepper and roll in GF flour (we use Bob's Red Mill) or even roll in
    finely smashed up Lays plain potato chips and fry
    **Taco Night...easy to do GF for the whole family...Old El Paso hard
    shells, seasoning packet for meat - Taco Bell, Daisy Sour Cream,
    lettuce, tomato, onion, grated cheese, Pace brand chunky salsa. Old
    El Paso refried beans (not sure about which one - check label), be
    careful with seasoned rices....Vigo yellow spanish rice is our
    favorite or just good ole white rice, black beans, red beans from can
    Simply mashed potatoes creamy original ones in cold section of
    grocery....some other flavors are not GF
    Manwich sloppy joe mix in a can
    **We do a lot of chicken just made in different ways, hamburger w/o
    bun or cheeseburger, salmon...then just add some rice or pasta and a
    **Sheperds pie....hamburger meat, corn, mashed potatoes (many dry
    mashed potato mixes have Gluten)
    **Amy's rice crust pizzas are good,,,watch closely the edges can
    burn fast
    **Amy's mac and cheese is okay...I prefer to make my own with GF
    macaroni elbows and velveeta, milk, dash of mustard, little butter
    **Chicken and rice....breast or legs or whatever, rice and some
    water, some seasoning and butter and throw it in the oven for about
    an hour and YUM...careful with the rice...some of the seasoned ones
    are okay, most are not

    Eating Out (good luck)
    We have our best luck at Chili's, they have a GF Menu online, but
    you really have to stress the "allergy" (that's the only word they
    will understand) and I always tell them to send over the resturant
    mgr and inform him to consult the chef personally, I actually will
    make if sound like I have to call an ambulance if they mess it
    up...even though you and I know that is not the case...I just feel
    the need to really impress upon them the need for safety....my boys
    always get the kids Rib basket (our Chili's gives them like 5-6
    ribs - huge amount), it comes with drink and a side is only $5?? I

    Carrabas does have a GF menu....we tried twice and were sick
    afterwards both times...so we now consider them unsafe.

    Chick-fil-A - they will print you out a GF menu right there...we
    usually stick with french fries, icecream in a cup and fruit
    cup....only fast food place we get french fries

    Wendy's - Baked potatoes, their butter and sour cream are GF,
    (quick/cheap), chili, frosty, orange cup, side salad (not
    caesar....GLuten). their ranch drsg is GF....when in a
    pinch....Wendy's usually wins out.

    Burger King and Mac Donalds....we avoid like the plague...so little
    we can have there...apple dippers and icecream are GF at Mac Donalds
    and our Burger King here is gross....don't think there is anything
    GF there anyway. Most of our eating is done at home. The boys have
    cool looking lunch boxes that go with us anytime we leave the house
    just in case we are out too long and can't find a GF alternative
    (ice pack is a must).

    We use colgate.
    haven't really found anything we were already using in our home to
    be a problem, but I know problems do exist out there with Gluten in
    skin care, hair care, make up, Chap Stick, sunscreen, etc....We just
    follow the "if it is going near my kids, I check the label rule"

    I can't think of anything else at the moment....Walmart has really
    been stepping forward with their labeling and putting GLUTEN FREE on
    a lot of things. I heard that by the end of the year there are
    going to be new labeling requirements in the U.S. and it should be
    easier (Contains Gluten or Gluten Free). Can't wait for that.
    Right now I shop at a regular grocery store for 90% of our food and
    go to the healthfood store about once a month to pick up anything
  2. jcanolson

    jcanolson Approved members

    Apr 7, 2008
    We have our endoscope next week. From her bloodwork, it will be a miracle if she doesn't have celiac.:mad::eek:
    Great info!
  3. Flutterby

    Flutterby Approved members

    Nov 11, 2006
    thanks for the list.. I did want to add that Wendy's ranch dressing here has modified food starch in it.. we went to friendly's yesterday.. not much she can have there, but she had a salad (no croutons, obviously) with ranch dressing, no gluten (actually it said no wheat, so it could have modified food starch, but I didn't want to torcher the kid anymore than I had that day so I let her have it..) manderine oranges, and 'slider' burger, patties, no bun, no fries.. she actually ate that meal pretty good too..
  4. HiThere

    HiThere Approved members

    Feb 9, 2008
    I read on the BK website that their fries are GF and they use dedicated fryers for them - is this accurate?
  5. Judy&Alli

    Judy&Alli Approved members

    Jan 26, 2008
    :)Thanks for this list Michelle! This gives me a good starting point!

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