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Thread: Diabetes software for Vista, Mac, Linux

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    Default Diabetes software for Vista, Mac, Linux

    Just a quick note that there is diabetes management software that runs on Macs and PCs running Linux:

    They also note that their PC software runs under Windows Vista.
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    Default thank you!

    We have vista and were having trouble with other software. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!
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    It seems to be a nice tool, however I am still looking for one that incorporates pump and cgm data as well. This one can only get data from meters.

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    Animas' new EZ Manager Max runs very fine on Vista and OSX Tiger and higher on Intel Macs. We use it daily!

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    I was looking at it on the Animas webpage and it looked interesting, but I couldn't figure out how to get it. No links, just a phone number. How old fashioned.

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    It has to be purchased. Mainly aimed at Animas Pumpers but others do use it. The newer software is better than the old one (I still use it most of the time). Also downloads many meters.

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    Or you could use any other software...

    I am developer of GGC (GNU Gluco Control). It's Open source software written in Java (which means it will run everywhere). We are currently supporting several meters and we started with support for Pumps (supported Dana and Roche/AccuChek pumps for now) and CGMS (we support only Dexcom7 and even this only through import of file created by DX3 software).

    Problem with getting software that support many devices is, that device manufacturers don't give any support and protocol for communication with device is unknown. Meter manufacturers sometimes give support, but not all of them... Mostly development for support is trial and error... We started working on Minimed pump support, but since I don-t own it, progress is very slow (and Minimed (actually company that is selling Minimed in my country) won't give support, since they are not allowed to...


    P.S.: You can GGC on


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